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  1. Winter balancing

    i agree winter is pretty easy adventure mode day 40 for me... i just find winter to be like a time where u cant really experiment so i have two worlds...
  2. A Message to Maxwell

    For science of course...
  3. im sorry i was a noob saying flint respawned
  4. How to survive winter... Meatballs made from rabbits
  5. A Message to Maxwell

    Ha? what are u guys? Abigail? My spider army shall defeat Maxwell!
  6. I really like how you add realism to the story even though the game does not have all these things
  7. Crazy Stunts (and Deaths)

    cool story babe, now make me a froggle bunwhich
  8. What day are you on?

    Day 121 i was wise and eliminated all the spiders after they went back into phase 1 and replanted them in a tentacle infested swamp free meat n silk
  9. What to do now?

    pigs are like the only thing in the game thts strong and u can no grumpus - - - Updated - - - im in like day 121 and i have like 15 hounds i HAVE to live near pigs AND fight side by side with them
  10. How to replenish resources?

    ummm u must have an older world gen... make a new world (PS: make sure there is beefalo in it)