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  1. Version 0.0.5


    Disables transition animation on hunger change
  2. Very impressive job! You guys are great, really!
  3. Which roughly means you can increase updating range in ~3,17 times (according to area of circle formula), as for conditions you were monitoring performance, and your computer will not be able to do anything more without slowing down, as for cpu.For my 2 years old PC game takes 40% cpu and 30% gpu while quite nothing happens.
  4. That's what I've said, it's limited. Do you imagine how much operations requires rendering? I/O system? Realtime interpretation of ~900 lua scripts? Physics? Sound?Let's talk about mobs. Pathfind? Colliding? Behaviour proceeding for everyone?Hope you got the point.
  5. Here's my point of view: computer power is limited, that's why DS game engine can't keep updating whole world you're playing. But when you leaving some food in upper world, getting far enough to engine to stop updating it, messing around there for like an ingame month, and getting back - food has turned to rot. How? Enginge wasn't updating it all the time, right? The answer is counter - when you're getting out of updating range, item remembers time when it happened. When you getting back in the updating range, it looks how much time passed - and affects spoilage.What did I thought, is when you're dying in cave time doesn't remember properly (let's say it doesn't remembers at all and becomes zero). So next time you loading cave you have passed time equals to 0 - (current time), which is not valid delta time and therefore can cause weird stuff like instant spoilage.
  6. Creating a translation using the PO Format

    [MENTION=10271]WrathOf[/MENTION],What string I need to provide to msgid? Should it be unique? Should my mod code has that string somewhere?
  7. Creating a translation using the PO Format

    I'm currently writing a mod which will sometimes make characters saying different strings. How should I create this strings in my mod in "right" way, so translators will be able to translate it in the same way as they was translating original strings?
  8. Sometimes bees stucking over a flower - due to same bug - the flower is somehow being placed lower than ground level, and bee can't reach it.
  9. Anyone else noted this? and , dropped out of Wilson when he gets killed by mechanical horses. Looks like hat, made of mushroom.. Also, this - - was storing in inventory, maybe it's a part of drum set shown later. And this - - looks like some flowers or footprints, found it at the end of video, right to frogman, in the dark
  10. Another chest bug: http-~~-// It seems to me that it moves down with time (or with saves) - at installation time it was ok, as far as I rememberUpdate: this bug also affects one of my ice boxes:
  11. As for version 73920, this bug is still active: if a tallbird have an egg in its nest, it will chase you for only 30-40s. If it doesnt - no matter was it stolen or just doesn't exists - it will chase you constantly. So it's almost every time I'm checking a nest for an egg, I have to kill tallbird, because it didn't layed the egg and starts chasing me instead of doing that.
  12. Eeeeehm. 29 feb hotfix? Shouldn't it be 1st march instead?
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73662 Issue title Zooming in doesn't stop while in pause Steps to reproduce 1. Zoom camera out 2. Wait for it to start zooming in 3. Click on pause 4. Watch how camera zooming in through your character, ground, water... Describe your issue http-~~-// Update: Also, after camera through water and pause releasing, you need to zoom it out manually and you can stop it on any stage before normal values of zoom - it will not zoom out itself.
  14. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 73662 Issue title No king, villages, swamps and buffalos in a world Steps to reproduce Unavailable Describe your issue Sorry if this is not a bug. So after winter update I've used portal to get in world #2, and after discovering whole map i didn't found neither pig king, village (3+ pig houses nearby with pre-generated farms), swamp biomes or buffalos on it. However, I found 1 very small patch of swamp with 1 tentacle living there and 1 steppe biome with alot of lakes (just like swamp biomes used to have) Update: Oh, and I have totally no reeds because there's no swamp biome. Update 2: And there's no igloo as well. Update 3: And mandrakes..
  15. I've posted it too, same problem. - I've noted clock changes sometimes at game restarting (I've saved at night, and at load clocks changed and it was dusk)