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DST Player Synergy

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So i actually just replied this post in someone else's, but then i figured i could make my own post of it instead of a reply. I'm not sure if this actually works, as I haven't tried it, but here we go:

Wigfrid - Wortox - Webber

This might not work, because I've never tried it, and just thought of it off the top of my head. Webber places his spider nest, and Wigfrid starts fighting. When the spiders die, Wortox will get their souls for healing. The spiders will drop Monster Meat, Spider Glands, and Silk. Webber can use the silk for upgrading the nest for more spiders, and Webber + Wortox can use the silk to make Top Hats. Since Wigfrid will be fighting, she will get sanity from that, so she won't need one. That's the sanity column. With the monster meat, they can make a bunch of crockpot foods, (with the silk, sanity items will be easy to make, so a few monster foods won't hurt) so that's done for the food column. Wortox has the souls from the dead spiders, + the glands, so that fixes health! (the silk can also be used to make nets, fishing rods, etc. for even more food income.)

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I was playing on a server yesterday as Winona and the Host (Wigfrid) walked me and a Wortox over to one of those Spider-infested Rocky biomes and we spent a whole day clearing it out. I didn't even have to wear armor because Wortox was spamming the souls and in conclusion I think Wigfrid (or any fighting character) works really well with Wortox.

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