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Stranded at Sea & Facing Death? - A Short Story w Pics

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The narrative you're about to hear is based on a true story of a hapless adventurer named WX-78 in Return of Them.    The setting?   Rainy season, around day 300...

The happy go lucky WX-78 was on a simple prep mission for Dragonfly seeking 4 pigskins in the far off deciduous forest that had one of the only large pig village concentrations left.    It was raining steadily and 78 was hoping a frog rain was not in the offing as he ran down the roads hoping to be at the side of the pk by nightfall.   It was just before night broke that he arrived at a regal looking Pig King sitting among his subjects, he had no gifts and explained as best he could, the King was understanding and bade him welcome.    78 felt guilty knowing what was to come but if he could slip the poison to the pig subjects without PK seeing surely he wouldn't mind him slaying those that had turned?    His mental state was agitated and he left the small stone fireplace in search of magic mushrooms to calm his senses, tomorrow would be a day of butchery and he was nervous about his treachery being discovered.   One simple rule always had to be followed, never learn the name of a pig you're about to kill.

Dawn emerged and 4 pigs were summarily dispatched far enough away from PK not to notice.   4 pigskins in hand 78 thought of the long trek back and reached for his handy magic teleportation wand.    Standing away from any combustibles he raised it and with a clap went into the dark void.    That is when the horror began..

One must be careful playing with magic. 78 hadn't been.    He materialized on a tiny lunar island that looked almost barren of resources.   What to do?   Take stock of inventory and survey the island which would take all of a minute or two.    The island had nothing useful to construct a boat with, it could only offer some lonely groupings of seeds to stave off hunger, 78 was depressed and stood next to the star he had created thinking about what to do.   Enough food for probably two days and seeds might stave that off even longer, armor for only one hound attack and plenty of healing solvents and magical jelly beans.   

When time is limited and you're trying desperately to survive you can't stop, you cannot give up but 78 was at a loss and night was coming.    Hounds could be announcing their arrival at any time, at least the odds of surviving one wave attack was pretty good.   Stocked with a brand new football helmet as his only defense and ready to eat a jelly bean 78 waited for his imminent death but the gears were still turning in his head.

78 realized at that moment that there was a solution, a communication portal to another universe, in another dimension.   He immediately sent out 3 SOS messages hoping one would be answered.   Time was of the essence and the day was fading quickly, food supplies running low and sanity near 0.   Still no answer.

Then, suddenly, a message appeared through the comm channel "I'm free now.".     While rapidly giving out instructions WX forgot that his base was already marked, this was followed by more location information, "I'm on a small Island just west of the main lunar one, take the cobblestone road south of the base through the oasis desert, it leads to a small harbor with a boat.   Sail it south/southwest."     78 spirits picked up quickly, this was no ordinary adventurer but a greatly experienced one who is well known in the forums of which I as narrator am recounting in here.

Nothing was left to do now but wait, 78 stood forlorn on the northern tip of the island...


to be continued..with pics coming





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This is incredibly detailed, and I feel like some of our casual DST shenanigans could very well become a comic book or animated short, given enough... "artistic perspective"

14/15 gears, not enough fridges, can't wait for the sequel

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