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Item drop problem?

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So, I got Wormwood today because I own Hamlet (thank you very much, by the way, Klei, very generous of you!) but I didn't get my normal daily drop. Did Wormwood replace it? It's not a big deal if I miss one drop, but I'm wondering if it's something I need to fix, and I'm hoping that it will at least go back to normal starting tomorrow. Has anyone else had problems with this?


Or perhaps it's possible the drop happened, but I wasn't able to see it? I can try checking my items to see if there's something new that I didn't have before, but there are so many it's a little hard to keep track. ^o^;>

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Hah, good catch. You would have got your daily drop in your inventory, but the UI popup to show it likely was missed due to the Wormwood item being granted. If you look through your inventory closely you should see a new item. I'll look into fixing this now. Thanks for noticing!


Edit: Fixed!

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