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Celestial crafting is weird. Combine celestial crafting tabs.

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Currently the two celestial crafting tabs from the celestial orb and celestial alter have the exact same tab hover text, and the same tab art. Together the tabs have a total of 8 crafting recipes.

I think it would be a good idea to combine these two tabs in some way. This would simplify the celestial crafting category to be a single category rather than the strange split it currently is with one tab having only 2 crafting recipes.

A couple suggestion for possible ways for them to be combined could be remove the celestial orb and put its crafting recipes into the celestial alter (or vice versa), or having the celestial alter take the celestial orb as another tech tree upgrade (similar to broken alters in the ruins being upgraded when repaired).

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I'd be in favor of the second suggestion, making the Celestial Altar a tech tree upgrade of the Celestial Orb. The reason that it's implemented the way it is might be that they didn't want to spoil the recipes and craftables for the lunar island, when you've only just found the Orb on the mainland, however.

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