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possible ideas for a Wilba in DST

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Wilba has not been confirmed (even though I want her so much) but with Wormwood's arrival at Together, it may not be impossible. (even if it's something like, an event character and then she would not be available for purchase so soon)

Even with this detail. I was thinking about how she could be useful to play with other people, so.......

 *  The village of pigs could be a bit more elaborate in that aspect. They might get annoyed if someone steals their stuff, just like Hamlet (even though these pigs do not look smart, I think it makes sense for them to think it's a bad idea unkown people steal their crops)

 *  Wilba would have more use and ease in calling the pigs to follow her. Giving only fruits or seeds, it could have followers easily, even if it is for a short period of time. Wilba could then earn gold from time to time from pigs, like, 10% chance to receive or else those gifts that you deliver to the king pig to receive gold

 *  Her transformation, could make her not a "threat" to the other werepigs, she could serve as a queen limitedly, making them his followers

 *  Unlike the solo game, pig houses could serve as a light source at night, since she is the princess of pigs. The light could be extinguished with the arrival of a character other than Wilba. Or with Wilba nearby, the pigs would not see their friends as enemies and could also give gifts to them. "Wilba's friend my friend"

 *  Her silver necklace, could now be limited and in return for this he would give sanity to Wilba. 1.8 per minute, like Bernie or the garland

I really fell in love with Wilba's looks and I think she's too awesome to be missed. It would be very worthwhile for her to arrive at Together and have her own skins, I'd be happy to give my money to you guys. I just love Wilba.

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Tbh I don't think this is gonna happen cuz Wilba is intrinsically linked to Hamlet mechanics... At least her ability to steal crops and stuff from pigs with no repercussions. 

And if I'm being honest I hope her werepig mechanics translate to DST Werebeaver cuz they feel pretty much like what beaver needs. At least the increased health and the health regen aspects. Maybe even inventory usage and crafting. 

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