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Why would I play this game?

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Because just the experience of being in the community is worth the money. Knowing the devs personally, and knowing you have a part in deciding the way the game evolves, that's something special you don't get from games that cost $60. And this one is $9.

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This game is like a plate of crispy bacon.If you play your cards right you'll really enjoy your time and it would be well spent money.If you don't play the right cards well then... you just lost a whole plate of crispy bacon :p.But if you tend to rage really hard like hulksmash keyboard then this might not be for you since the consequence of dying sucks ass.I myself love this game.But i havent been playing my cards right and keep dying early.But when i finally get there i will be very content with my self :).PLUS it's a 10 dollar gqame,great deal for what it holds.You also get TWO keys so you have two games.Who knows let a frined have one of the keys and see wo can survive the longest :)

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