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  1. Please do! I also would like to know how to make the lively bangs. Though I think you've already done the process with that post-- All you had to do was re-order the hair to a lower ID number so it can be in front of everything else?
  2. I've noticed a few in workshop, but I'm wondering how lenient Klei is and if I can get away with integrating Lewis from Ghost Skull music video. Picture for reference Originally posted on single player modding, but I intend to make this multiplayer compatible.
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70528 Issue title Offline and Online serperate saves Steps to reproduce Make a new world in Don't Starve online on Steam. Go Offline Mode on Steam and start Don't starve again. The online's save won't be there in offline mode. When you return online, it'll be there. Describe your issue My router went derpy today, had to play Don't Starve offline. When I was able to go online again, whatever I did in offline mode was gone (I didn't do anything in Online mode in the first place, so all I had was Create New World) Edit: Now I've lost all my saves ;~; Used an imported game from Chrome.
  4. I had an issue of poor performance on the Steam version (Running at 15 FPS); this test build fixes that +best
  5. My game is still going in slow motion, thanks though.
  6. I've also have this occasionally when I start a new world, but Wilson runs where ever he wants. Up, down, right (If it's important, I haven't seen him run left yet)Spamming creating new worlds, doesn't seem to cause Wilson to be disobedient anymore ._.
  7. I still have a problem similar to this with the new update (It was there from Steam beta launch). A.) Win7/Intel Core i3 530 @ 2933 MHz/IntelĀ® HD Graphics B.) Ran as smooth as it can be. C&D.)
  8. Nobody died by the Darkness? xD 1.) I wanted to know what my character's lines were in the Darkness, so I stood out from the safety of my camp. When I was hit the first time I tried to run back to camp, but when I was already dead when I got to the outer line of light :c 2.) I had this derpy map where everything was separated by islands connected by bridges. One had a ton of bunny grounds (My starting island), one was a plain with a single bee hive, one was all swamp, and the one after it was all the Beefaloos. In order to get to the Beeflaloos, I had to cross the swamps. I didn't have enough materials on the first island for a second rock camp, so either I had to use a regular camp on the plains (Which I really despised n_n), or I had to torch my way though the swamps. I chose the ladder. In my first run though the swamps, I think I avoided all the tentacles, somehow, so I assumed that a clean run though the swamps on the path was okay. TL;DR: I died by a single hit from a tentacle. On my 3rd life, I'm being real careful and paranoid xD Came to a close call when I didn't realize that Cooked Monster Meat took a chunk of your HP. Trying to get my first Effigy.
  9. Happened to me the first time I tried to play. You'll need to end process it and try to play it again. You may also crash if it's your first time adjusting the options.
  10. Bottom left of Steam, there's "+ ADD A GAME...". Click it and "Activate a product of Steam", then put in the Product code given to you in options of the browser version.
  11. I've literally bought the game seconds ago and I also have this error. Redeemed both codes and both are supposedly taken/already in use.