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Could you guys please look into bumping the priority on transit tubes?


I have included a picture, Dupes start at the black half-assed X in the bottom left corner of the picture.


I want them to go to the fridge at the top left corner.


EVERY TIME they will take the RED path, going right and climbing up the ladder, instead of taking the BLUE path STRAIGT UP!


I have reloaded the game, I guess I could rebuild the tubes?


Sometimes they seem to like taking a tube path (i have one section where they will take the tube up 5 tiles instead of taking a plastic ladder just next to it.


Thanks for your time.




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Did you try to place the fridge not just under the exit of the tube ?

Duplicant have the awfull obsession to build or load from a distance. Maybe they don't like to fall from the tube just upon the fridge.


On the other side, if they have a good "athletic" skill, walking all the way may take a bit less time than the transit tube. ;)

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