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  1. i tried to replace some heavy wire made of iron ore with some heavy conductive wire made of iron. i set the priority of the task as 7 about halfway through with the replacement. then went to the priority screen to set all the tasks to 7. they were all set to 5. I think the task didn't take on the priority of what I had set.
  2. not just plastic ladders, i just replaced some sandstone ladders with granite, and they didn't like those new ladders at all!!
  3. hey, they won't eat either
  4. Stress Bug

    Ok so this has been a bit odd for me. First a note, dupes eating food only 1 tier below their required quality is giving 150% stress, which is a bit over tuned imo, but that is not the issue. I have had dupes stressing out over food, and bugging out not burning their calories when stressed. Or at least that is what i think is happening. I click on the dupes while they are stressed and they are just sitting at 4,000 / 4,000 calories and it is not going down. This is leading to them not having to eat again and keeping this 150% stress modifier, which with good rooms, high decor, and sitting on a massage table the stress still ticks up instead of ticking down.... (so imo either the stress modifier needs to go down a little bit or the tables need to be able to do more, because if a dupe eats just 1 quality lower food than what they like they will get stuck in a stress loop till they manage to eat the correct food). Anyways take a look at my save, sometimes I load it and it all fixes it self by the calories burning, other times it gets stuck and they don't burn calories and just are in a loop of stress. Hard to describe, but I do not think it is working as intended. The Lunar Cesspool Cycle 379.sav (1).sav The Lunar Cesspool.sav
  5. TB-246040 I have an artifact area, with a security door, it isn't blocking water at all. I just drained a pool of clean water down to it and it flowed right past it even though it appears closed on my screen and the area behind it has not been revealed yet. I am unsure if it is blocking gas. cheers. The Luxury Hovel Cycle 42.sav
  6. build AT-24372 I have 4 showers, I just built a checkpoint in front of them thinking that I could allow my dupes to take a shower first thing in the morning and then prevent them from entering all easy like after that. Now when the checkpoint changes to not allow entry, dupes just start to queue up in front of it. They see the shower, they want a shower, but they can not get to a shower. using a move to command on the dupe does nothing to alleviate this issue, because they run right back to the showers checkpoint like nothing happened. now I can probably fix this with 2 doors and make one lock during the cut off time and one for exit only, but this seems like a sloppy and overly complicated thing for what the checkpoint is supposed to do. The Breathless Factory.sav
  7. Improved Plumbing Tooltip Dimension

    Build 01-235671 same bug
  8. Game keeps locking up. no black hole ate my game or anything, just locking up and eventually i have to end process because game is not responding. Not really sure what the issue is, but it keeps happening over and over and over Usually happens when I am scrolling around the camera looking for more stuff to do it might,, maybe, possibly have something to do with the bottom right corner of my base that I was working on..... good luck, i honestly have no idea what is crashing this but it has happened consistently, sometimes making a day or two but usually not, I am including 3 save files of the same game, 3 cycles in a row that have all crashed ps, i have debug enabled The Happy Friends Cycle 369.sav The Happy Friends Cycle 370.sav The Happy Friends Cycle 371.sav
  9. This is just happening on one circuit, but when i reload the game I have a few airlocks on one circuit, I keep them disabled because they were drawing power when set to open status. When I reload the game i check my power and they are using energy. (they are in disabled state). So i go ahead and enable them then disable them again and they stop using power.. I will attach two versions of the same game save, one about 200 cycles after the first. the airlocks in question are a bit up from the dupe printer in this hydrogen thing i was testing out but it isn't doing what I want soya... Home.sav Home.sav
  10. now that you mention this, this happened to me too. I was digging a row and i think their footing got dug out from under them and they tried to jump and got stuck. when I saw entombed it was a surprise because i could see no feet or anything sticking out, had to emergency dig to find the dupe!
  11. well,,,,, UG I wanted to connect my hamster wheel via some low watt wire so that I could charge up in an area that isn't insanely ugly! and thanks for the bit about batteries behind a transformer only using charge for that circuit. that makes for some interesting alterations.
  12. Stay with me, this is a bit odd. So I have two hamster wheels that run on a low watt wire, that wire goes into a power transformer, (right side) and then, i have the heavy wire running out of the transformer (left side) and that heavy wire goes directly into some batteries. I have 2 sets of wheels, one set is connected like i said above, the other is connected directly to the heavy watt wire. The wheels connected directly to the heavy watt wire charge up my batteries just fine. But the wheels that run through my transformer do not seem to charge my batteries (and possibly make them drain faster when i have dupes running away). Something is wrong here. Build 217565 Including logs and a save file. Oh ya, another thing was happening in this same save, but about 80 cycles earlier, I kept having food rot while in a fridge. it was plugged in and drawing power, but it was killing my food just the same. It was located in toxic air, but I didn't think that should / would effect it considering it was powered and all. Also, where can I store the sleet wheat and those pepper doodads? They don't seem to want to store in any of my boxes! Galactic Citadel.sav
  13. Thermo Switch (mine is made out of gold if that matters) The little box that pops up that lets you adjust above and below, along with temp you want.. the TITLE of that box says : Pressure Threshold Build : AU 217326
  14. Build 208689 Ok so here is an interesting one. I created a puff cage. They seem happy enough, floating around and pooping out lots of slime. only every now and then one would go poof for no explicable reason. So I made a save and started watching them. It seems like every now and them, completely randomly I might add. (sometimes they go poof quickly, other times they can live on for many many many rounds). I FINALLY had the patience to watch my cage until one went and died. Basically it would run down the ladder in the cage really quick and suicide into the tile below it. The ladder I am referring to is the one in the middle, that has a single tile in it to catch the slime, then continues down into my lower excavation area. This has really been frustrating me as they sometimes will live a few dozen rounds and other times just go poof randomly. I have been trying to keep my cage filled with 2 puffs so I keep reloading and reloading. I will be redesigning the cage to get rid of all these annoying poof deaths I hope that you guys find some bug from this, good luck! Puffts keep going Poof.sav
  15. Water / Pipe Bug

    Well, from my perspective, it looked like more water was pumped into the pipe than the pipe can hold, and the valve made something funky happen, where the water in the pipe before the valve was flowing back on itself trying to get out, and as the valve slowly let out some it slowly moved up..... just before the water before a valve would be filled up but static, and once there was room in the valve it would take 1 step forward, then wait again....