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Anyone else notice the similarities?

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22 hours ago, TheOnlyGuyEver said:

Forgive me for being a bit bold, but I don't think a cosmetic and a boss both created by two completely dev different teams in different time frames holds any important bearing.

This is something people need to keep in mind more when comparing DS and DST. Remember how hard it was for simple features like gates and beefalo riding were to port over to DS? And just how inaccurate those ports were initially? The games are by two separate dev teams. DST and Hamlet don't even share the same pigeon textures.

I'm sure there are some things (like story and characters) that have a sort of writer's bible, to make sure the different devs don't do anything too crazy, but I really doubt that such small details like the coloring and moss on a DST WX skin and a Hamlet boss, which are both likely references to Castle in the Sky, are at all planned or intentional.

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