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New Content Poll (Multiple Choice)  

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  1. 1. What kind of new content does DST need?

    • More bosses
    • Improved PvP experience
    • More ways to survive
    • Better grief prevention
    • Player housing
    • More animal domestication
    • Land ownership
    • More items
    • More crafts
    • More crafting stations
    • More plants
    • More biomes
    • More gamemodes
    • More mobs
    • In-depth tooltips for crafts & items
    • Cooking overhaul
    • Sanity overhaul
    • Thirst system
    • More in-depth user inferface
    • Trading system
  2. 2. What kind of new content does DST need? (Part 2)

    • More weapons
    • Placement indicator for plants & structures
    • More tools
    • More armors
    • Alliance system
    • More types of storage structures
    • Being able to pick up and move structures
    • Body temperature indicator
    • Combat overhaul
    • Cannibalism
    • Story mode
    • More traps
    • Lockable containers
    • Illness system
    • More bugs
    • More types of weather
    • More actions
    • More ways to make limited resources be renewable
    • Add more minimap icons
    • Add livestock

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We need modders to stop making furry animu mods and make mods which add stuff like this. Cause Klei at most would do only 1-5 things from this list because it would be too much work and too little gain unless it was sold as a DLC expansions for low price of 6.99 causing a split in the community ;).

I hope I am proved wrong, but I expect nothing so I don't get get my hopes and dreams crushed again:wilson_angelic:.

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