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  1. Yeah I should if mentioned PvP. I'd say PvP is the biggest issue since it's been added and ignored.
  2. This is bias, just because it's the best thing, doesn't mean there can't be something in the future that can make another feature be the best. For example, cooperation and making friends usually doesn't work in open servers. Also PvP is broken and has been completely ignored, so how can it be the best thing?
  3. I usually do it for building purposes.
  4. I guess I should of added lack of balance and lack of exploit fixes. Wish the poll allow us to update our votes so I can add more options. I like the building aspect, but I feel like there isn't much to build. Making a house, owning property, having domesticated animals and plants, would be some nice end-game content. PvP is also end-game content and adds heavy replayability, yet a poll result before showed that no one wants those kind of features. Therefore I'm confused what exactly player wants that is considered end-game content. What bores me about this game is that I have to start over all the time and if I don't there is nothing to do. If there were land ownership, player houses, and we could created villages, there could be so much more content that could be added and keep players interested for a long time, like alliances trading, ect. Furthermore PvP would give players a new experience every time because people aren't as predictable as NPCs. Seeing abandoned bases by dead players is always interesting. These are key features that will change the game for the better, but it seems like players much rather just kill bosses for objects that make survival easier. Once surviving becomes too easy, there is no point of playing because outside of surviving, there is nothing to do.
  5. It's a sandbox, it doesn't need an ending. I've played some games for literally years and the only reason I stopped playing, wasn't because I got bored, but because the game got old and became outdated. I feel sorry for those people, because the game does not have enough content to learn something new after 1000 hours of gameplay.
  6. Outside of killing bosses and beating all the seasons, there is nothing more to do. How many times can you survive and die the same ways before you get bored?
  7. If this game continues to have characters that offer absurd perks which make the challenge in this game insignificant, I'm out. Wickerbottom already killed the game for all my friends. We need nerfs for most characters and semi-good perks, no invulnerability and a lighter that has infinite fuel and can cook.
  8. Wish that we were able to re-vote. Made a second question and now after voting for the first question you cant vote for second. Kinda lame.
  9. Outside of obtaining new Characters and character refreshes, what do you feel the game is missing and new content should focus on?
  10. You get extra hits on mobs when they're on fire because they flee, along with that extra fire damage from making be on fire. Also fire is a mechanic in the game, it shouldn't be immune to any character. You will deal with fire, whether it's from mobs, summer, or whatever. I already mentioned this several times throughout the forums. Imagine being immune to any other aspect in the game which is supposed to be a challenge, how fair is that?
  11. I really don't get what these people want and why. Every challenging game on the steam market has to be ruined by casuals whether it's for ez mode or griefing purposes. When will the gaming community ask for a challenging game for once? So what if Willow might not compare to other characters, so nerf the others. I just don't get it. Willow didn't get a recent nerf, she got a buff. There is more reasons to actually play her now and people still feel like nothing happened. What?
  12. Wouldn't be surprised, there is very little to do in the game after you've done everything possible within the game. PvP is broken, there is no real end-game, so what is left? Just playing characters with "fun" perks to disrupt public servers.
  13. Griefing is fun to you too I suppose.
  14. And griefing prevention should continue to be a high priority for a game that's about cooperation. So much for "together" when everyone just plays on their own private servers.