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  1. Yeah that was something I suggested in the suggestion forum. However I do feel that the wilderness game mode needs to be put into use, since it's actually the best thing for PvP. For Endless, it's more of a social thing. For survival, you're not going to kill someone who will drain your sanity afterwards. In Wilderness, you're thrown in the middle of nowhere and you survive. If you die, you create a new character and start from scratch. I've actually tried this before and believe it or not, it really was fun because you saw random empty bases around the world and took advantage with what was available. Having a game mode for some tribal warfare would be great, but we also need some never ending PvP.
  2. I'm not sure how there is a massive character nerfs required. As of now, it seems like all characters are being properly re-balanced. Maybe it's a good idea to balance them and make every character viable and good in their own right, before PvP gets implemented properly. After that, balancing can be rather easy. Simply use items to differentiate between player damage and mob damage. That way, you can scale DPS differently based on what's PvP and what isn't. Another thing this will allow is for the developers to add CC effects to players from certain items, but not mobs. Like using a weapon to stun or slow a player temporarily close range. Another thing that PvP desperately needs, is a way to net players or hit them with a ranged attack in attempt to slow them. Something as simple as being able to throw a spear would help quite a bit, maybe it should only be possible for PvP, but not PvE. Honestly it's very easy to re-blance the game. Just maybe, I might work on a mod to show what could be possible with the game if it had PvP within it. Yet things like this kind of push me back, because why would I mod a game when I can use that effort and time into other projects which can directly benefit me. Maybe I'll ask for donations, otherwise it's just not worth it. The real sad part is that PvP would work extremely well in a game like this. Jungle Troll Tribes was an extremely popular custom map in Warcraft III. Developers at the very least consider some paid DLC as a spinoff for PvP players. I'd buy. You have everything you need to remake a classic that will sell and be potentially just as popular, if not more popular than this current game. I really wouldn't want it to be a different game, because it will separate the player-base with very little gain, though anything is better than nothing.
  3. You keep repeating yourself over and over. By mentioning it more and rewording your response, you're not further proving your point. We explained to you why this is, you choose to ignore it. Where is proof? I am proof, I want PvP but don't play it because it's trash. Other people on the forum are agreeing with the same thing. There are also loads of survival PvP games on the steam market that are thriving. Correlation doesn't mean causation. Anyway, there isn't much more to say to you. We're just going in circles. Aside from that, I believe PvP and PvE should be balanced together, rather than having separate game modes. Of course, PvP should still be optional.
  4. I mentioned many of them. Players can run in circles freely and destroy bases whether from demolishing or fires. Land ownership or some sort of base protection could help with this. There is also no CCs to catch players, no items that stun, slow, root, and so on. Combat also should be improved, like having better animations with chain attacks. This is just an overall terrible argument. PvP in this game was added, just to be added. It doesn't work because of the several obvious flaws I mentioned. For that reason, why would anyone play PvP? You're suggesting that no one plays PvP because no one wants it, when really it's people don't play it because it's crap and it's never been worked on since the day it's been implemented. I'm sure you've heard that correlation doesn't imply causation. For example, I love PvP in games way more than PvE, but wouldn't play it here, because it's broken. I wouldn't doubt if much of the PvP crowd already left. Imagine if they released a PvP update? Man, wouldn't that be a dream. There are plenty of survival games that are still user-friendly and difficult to survive in. In fact, there are better survival games out there which are far harder to survive in, despite them being user-friendly. So lack of user-friendliness, is not a good feature for any game. I've also played many games that were like this, where the developers wanted you to memorize everything on your own. It just so happens they many of those games have switched over to be more user-friendly. Whether it was Wurm, Minecraft, Haven & Hearth, and so on. Also for a multiplayer game, you'd want players to join and be able to survive at any season. It should still be difficult, but not impossible. "Cooperate with your friends in a private game, or take your chances with strangers online." "Together" and "taking chances with strangers online", can mean many things. Yes, in my opinion, they really were. Sure some people might like it, but I honestly didn't. All I kept thinking was, "Whoa, they can make combat this good but never added it to the full game?" I came back because they finally went back to the core game and started reworking characters, hopefully for more cooperative gameplay. That and they said they will be adding overall more content. So here I am saying what I want, from features that have been abandoned. To me, this game reminds me of an old custom map in warcraft III, called jungle troll tribes. In that game it was difficult to survive and you still had PvP. So if this game added PvP and ways to CC players, this game would be golden for me. I'm a PvP player, I've already beat PvE. Sure it's nice to have some more content, but PvP technically is end-game content. It also adds repayability, and these are two things that this game greatly lacks.
  5. That made absolutely no sense. The game description on steam says, "Cooperate with your friends in a private game, or take your chances with strangers online. Work with other players to survive the harsh environment, or strike out on your own." They advertised cooperation but there is very little cooperation mechanics in the game. I've already made it clear that I don't want it to be forced, but the game should focus on cooperative gameplay. The events were terrible, aside from being low quality mini-games, they literally gave the developers an excuse to abandon the core game which I honestly believe is in a very terrible and unfinished state. While I played the game for many hours, many of my friends played for literally a day and quit once we completed all the seasons. The main reason we beat it, is because of the imbalance of characters, most being gamebreaking. You're right, but yet what about people who want PvP? Why has this play-style been completely abandoned by the developers? I remember there was a time where they were working on killing players and being able to eat them, but they removed it because it was too much. Fine, maybe so, but why abandon the whole play-style? I shouldn't have to make a mod to make PvP functional. Not only are most already outdated and abandoned, because the developers had no regard to PvP, but you need like 5+ mods to even allow it to be somewhat functional. This is also not included the other 10+ mods that have to be added which make the game user-friendly. I bought a game, not an open source project. Mods are nice for addons, but shouldn't be required to make a game enjoyable. You keep saying that the game has a steep learning curve, is difficult and frustrating. How is that my problem? The developers made the game this way. They could make it more user-friendly and more easier to understand, but they don't. They instead rely on the players to use mods to essentially fix the game. Even though I beat all seasons, I still use these mods to greatly improve my experience. It's ridiculous that the game assumes you will eventually memorize every item and what they provide and do. There is a reason games have tooltips, even strategic ones. Not even close. I enjoy sandbox games that actually have content that will keep you playing for years. Not just surviving and doing the same thing every season. This is also a sandbox with little to no sense of progression. Same thing, different server. It doesn't have to be a stun lock and hit and run mechanic. Combat in general in this game is terrible, especially when compared to what we saw in the forge. We need CCs, not all of them have to be stuns. 1) Toxic player is a subjective term and can be used against anyone. For example, you're toxic for suggesting that I'm part of this group with toxic players. If you use words that segregate people who don't act or do like you, then you're also the problem. You're using emotion, not logic. The term is meaningless. 2) Griefers, which is not the same as a toxic player, join PvE games, not PvP, because they know they can destroy your base and get away with it unless there is admin intervention. Want proof? Remove PvP and griefers will still be there. 3) The game isn't family-friendly for all ages, it's rated T for Teen. Well I completely disagree with you, PvP should be focused on much sooner because it hasn't even been properly implemented from the very beginning. The wilderness game mode works perfect for PvP, but PvP is broken and therefore no one even bothers with the game mode or this playstyle. But of course you will ask for what you want, while I'll ask for what I want. Just because majority of the players are PvE, doesn't mean it's because that's what people want. It's the only thing that's really available. I personally play PvE survival even though I much rather play PvP. I don't however, because it's broken.
  6. I agree, but the Survival gamemode is about working together rather than surviving alone. When someone dies, everyone has to deal with the consequences. Therefore it's natural for new players to want to join any already existing camp than waste time and resources to start their own, even if it's temporary. I'm not suggesting that players should be required to play cooperatively just to even survive. However I am suggesting that by cooperating, you will have more features in the game that could benefit everyone as a whole. I'd like to see alliances, trading, and characters that can help others rather than themselves. I like more alternatives to survival, more content and things to do. I'd also like more ways to cook food and have anything be beneficial with it's own right. Yet once you beat your goals, there is nothing left to do. I don't want to start all over every single time. The stats can be balanced and combat need to be looked at again. Sorry but hitting and backing up isn't really that fun, it's repetitive and the same every time, we need more. This is for both PvE and PvP. PvP wasn't a mistake, it was just a feature added with no regard to it whatsoever. Therefore it should get some recognition for those who actually would enjoy it if it actually worked properly.
  7. I'm not sure who you are talking to. Where are you coming up with topics that no one has ever mentioned? I have never asked for perfect balance. The developers barely tried to balance anything for the game, whether it was PvP or PvE. PvP is broken and PvE is a grief-fest in open servers. They've literally done nothing for any of these. There is a difference between perfection and at least trying. "Our goals here are to make each character unique, interesting and valuable in their own right and we expect this to be game changing in many ways." They literally said exactly what I'm asking for, this is the only reason for why I'm even here. A character cannot be valuable in their own right if another character is far better than the other. I never said you said that. You're very hard to talk to, you're really making up stuff at this point. Some characters as of right now are far worse than others, such as Wes. As quoted from the developer, they're trying to make every character valuable in their own right. And this is the last time I'm going to respond to you, because it really seems like you're arguing with yourself at this point. I never asked for PvP to overtake PvE. PvP is an option, the balance done in PvP will not effect your PvE game at all. I simply have no idea of what you're getting at whatsoever. You also react instantly, before you even read the entire post, so I wouldn't be surprised if you're trolling at this point.
  8. You're not making any sense. I never made that argument. The game can be balanced for PvE and PvP at the exact same time. Combat in general needs an update, especially after seeing what the developers are capable of doing with The Forge event. Another thing to note, PvP is broken right now. It simply doesn't work, with or without mods. I've tried it, I'm not so sure if most of you guys have. A player can simply run in circles around you and demolish/set on fire the entire server if they wanted to. There is no also grief protection in the game and this goes for PvE too. PvP needs some heavy balance and ways to actually catch players, that and we need to be able to form alliances and protect our loot. Is there proof of this? Because again, PvP is broken as can be. All the developers did was add the ability to hit players when it comes to PvP, that's about it. I wish I were kidding too. Also I want characters to be properly balanced among each other, so every character has its ups and downs, rather than one character being the best and another being the worst. In a cooperative game, you want to help your team, not be a burden.
  9. What reasons and what would you want instead? Anything outside of these three suggestions, you're basically asking for Don't Starve, which already exists as do mods that allow you to play with other players. Plus there are several DLCs for that game too. Don't Starve Together was supposed to be a multiplayer based game, which should of been properly balanced for it. Unfortunately, it's became a rip from the original and some DLCs with a few adjustments and maybe some extras, before it got completely abandoned and replaced with events. You can balance PvP and PvE. It wasn't PvP that resulted in their nerfs, but rather moving over a singleplayer game to multiplayer and failing to properly balance it. I'm surprised that the developers took absolutely no action to prevent griefing in a multiplayer game. This game isn't meant for solo play. The developers should focus on what the game was supposed to be, not what other people made it become. In all honesty, this game belongs in beta still. I'm sure if this game became more focused on open servers and actually playing together, everyone would enjoy it more. Also it's not forced. Well what about the people who pass all the seasons and have nothing else to do? Also I do feel that some seasons should be easier and toned down a bit, because you can't be a fresh spawn in certain seasons without prior preparation. No one plays PvP because it's broken, not because no one wants it. It's therefore no surprise that those who wanted PvP, have already moved on. I am one of those people, therefore it would be nice if they at least give it a try and expand to see how people react with it. We need a challenge and something that's less predictable and repetitive. PvP will still be optional. I mean why did the developers even bother adding PvP if they weren't going to work on properly balancing it and making it functional.
  10. Please focus on cooperation, PvP, and end-game content. Those are the three things that this game lacks quite a bit.
  11. Basically you can have a storage compactor underwater that is completely functional and does not get flooded. The issue with this is that you can store items that emit gases and because the storage compactor is under water, the gases will not appear.
  12. In DST, crock pots don't make foods last forever anymore. They will eventually spoil...
  13. Living in Arizona, the heat does make you go insane.
  14. When opening a chest full of resources, they should be treated as if they're in your inventory so you can craft without having the resources being directly in your inventory every time. It’s very inconvenient and tedious having to take resources out of your chest, put it in your inventory, craft your items, and then put them back in your chest.