My top 3 annoyances ;)

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Number three:

No high tier chests with more slots.

Number two:

Backpack and logsuit taking the same slot. You can overdo it with the micromanagement, you know? *put logsuit in backpack* *go to fighting area* *put logsuit in slot, drop backpack* *fight* *pick up backpack, put in slot, put logsuit in backpack* Now that is fun! :grumpy:

Number one, and this is so far above the others it´s in another dimension:

No craftable high tier backpacks with more slots! WOW this is annoying!

First thing you do is craft a backpack and that´s it then, unless you get a 1% drop from the Krampus, which is ridiculous.

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For the chests, you can just make several of them. For the backpack log suit thing, there is a mod that allows you to wear both if you really want that, and as for higher backpack storage, its been brought up frequently but adding it would take away from the challenge of limiting what you can carry at any one time.Besides that welcome! :D

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You mean this mod, right? it will work with the new version soon :)Regarding the chests, yes I know, but it would be more practical to have a bigger chest, imo.And regarding the backpack, I get that, but imo it only adds annoying micromanagement. That´s why I wrote high tier, it should be hard to get the better backpack(material-wise).But if the developers don´t do it I´m sure the modders will, sooner or later.And thanks for the welcome! :biggrin-new:

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I do agree and wish to see #1 and 2 implemented in the game, as for #3 like TheCactusThief stated placing multiple chests fixes the lack of space the chests can hold and the problem is then solved, as for MycoLogical's problem with the log stacks, it would be nice to see logs stack up to 40 but perhaps the limit to 20 is due to the fact logs are in theory quite larger than grass,rocks,twigs etc. but even being able to carry 20 logs is quite unrealistic in itself so might as well turn it to 40

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