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  1. Awesome mod and so easy to customise ^^ Say, do numbers like 0,3 or 1,5 work?
  2. I refuse to ever play without this mod again!
  3. Now that´s a bit harsh, don´t you think? I don´t respond well to orders, myself, but there is a line! I´ll have to talk to Maxwell about this one...
  4. Should´ve bought over your website, then! Oh well, too late now.
  5. Thanks Some things I read suggested that the extra copy was beta only...
  6. Hello,Does the extra copy function just like the copy I got from buying it? Access to the beta, then full game once released?I originally had more questions but I just answered them myself. :ambivalence:Thanks
  7. You mean this mod, right? it will work with the new version soon :)Regarding the chests, yes I know, but it would be more practical to have a bigger chest, imo.And regarding the backpack, I get that, but imo it only adds annoying micromanagement. That´s why I wrote high tier, it should be hard to get the better backpack(material-wise).But if the developers don´t do it I´m sure the modders will, sooner or later.And thanks for the welcome!
  8. Number three: No high tier chests with more slots. Number two: Backpack and logsuit taking the same slot. You can overdo it with the micromanagement, you know? *put logsuit in backpack* *go to fighting area* *put logsuit in slot, drop backpack* *fight* *pick up backpack, put in slot, put logsuit in backpack* Now that is fun! Number one, and this is so far above the others it´s in another dimension: No craftable high tier backpacks with more slots! WOW this is annoying! First thing you do is craft a backpack and that´s it then, unless you get a 1% drop from the Krampus, which is ridiculous.