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Oni Cooling Tool updated with ice machine and turbine

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Hi all, 

I've just pushed an update to Oni Assistant that has added the new Steam Turbine and Ice Machine to the Oni Cooling Calculator. The math is based on great discussions on the forums and oni-assistant's code inspection. Please do challenge the new outputs, in particular the ice machine.


I should note however that the devs declared that they are planning on tweaking the ice machine further. Even after accounting for dupe time, it seems quite powerful. 

I do think that with the addition of the final steam turbine and the new ice maker, the role of a fixed output temp heat deleter like the water sieve is largely supplanted (unless you need the polluted -> fresh conversion anyway). So I wouldn't be surprised to see that building patched in the future. 

Nonetheless, the tool is updated so enjoy making comparisons between methods and picking that which fits your use case. If you have any suggestions I'm always interested to hear them. 


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