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Wheeler's ingame art

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First off I want to thank Klei for giving us a cool and pretty adventure lady character! But with that said, I am not a fan of Wheeler's ingame art. I feel it does not match the style compared to other characters and to Hamlet's aesthetic. I have some suggestions:

  • Give her complexion a warmer tone to match Hamlet. Compared to Wilba and Wormwood, she looks drab (much like the rest of nonhamlet DS but that's what makes Hamlet special)
  • The perspective of her ears bother me. They are facing the viewer too much. Also, her art made me notice that all other characters ears are cut off from the head. (see my example below)
  • I feel that the nose needs to be nudged to the left but I think that's nitpicky, as I tried to draw that and it didn't feel right. But I thought to mention it
  • Her expression reads more timid than adventurous, so perhaps give her a more furrowed brow to show determination.

Here are some of my suggestions in visual form:


Here is her portrait with additional lines done by me to separate her face from her ears. The ears already look better with just these lines, and without changing their perspective tbh. I'd be happy if at the very least these lines were added.


This is an example for her expression, ear perspective, and nose I suppose.

Thank you for your time :ghost:

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I absolutely agree. I adore her character select screen portrait art, but the in-game sprite looks really, really... ugly. The current sprite feels unfinished, but your sketch looks amazing and I much prefer it over the current design.

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