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Wortox : Kinda Dark

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1 hour ago, CrimXane said:

Wonder why Wortox has 6 souls when he starts ? 

1- Krampis

2- Wilson 

3- Wes

4- Beefalo

5- Baby Beefalo

6- Butterfly :>

See even Devs knew butterflies were going to be essential for Wortox.

He doesn't have the baby beefalo's soul... 

When webber and Wendy die he say he is not gonna steal their souls.. He's got a soft spot for children 

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4 hours ago, Unn0ticedShadow said:

Makes me think of undertake now and the six souls asgore took underground, I suppose if you gave Wortox one more he would be at the power of a god.

some one now needs to make a Wortox Asgore cross  it fits the souls and the fact they both gote bois

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