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  1. Rework order

    If he needs to be unlocked to an extent though, and made it clear that he's a challenged character you wouldn't get as many 'noob' Wes's, and it would be more of a challenge for experienced people than a weight on your team.
  2. Rework order

    He doesn't have any obvious perks, is the 'challenged' character, and his popularity among some people stems from his difficulty, I could make a seperate post on him, but does anyone else want a rework for him?
  3. Rework order

    He’s supposed to be the ‘challenged’ character and removing his challenge will take away from his uniqueness, entirely removing his main purpose! Wes is good as he is, though if he was unlocked somehow (without spools) that could prevent newbies from playing him, though he would have to be semi-easy to unlock.
  4. Make winter great again initiative !

    Winter gets Deerclops and Klaus, so that's two bosses instead of one, and also gets snowbirds, MacTusks, Winter Koalafants, Pengulls, and others, Winter has more content than summer, so summer should be focused on first.
  5. Stronger Late-game Hound Attacks

    That would be sort of impossible to dodge though... It could be faster, but that would be boring.
  6. Stronger Late-game Hound Attacks

    Nice idea, I actually want this in the game now, but wouldn't "flash bang" be a bit overpowered, hounds are literally impossible to kite in the oasis, so to make this a part of normal hound attacks would be crazy. Other than that, I love the idea, and would love to see red, blue, and maybe purple gem Wargs! Also, look at this awesome piece of artwork I found (not mine)
  7. Make winter great again initiative !

    Winter is cool (no pun intended) if you ask me, but summer needs more stuff. Winter has snowbirds, MacTusk, summer has nothing in place. We need a summer variant of these, perhaps canary’s spawn in summer (Which is there molting season) but idk how to replace MacTusks. Winter has Klaus, a whole later game boss, and no eyed deer which are amazing, summer has none of this. Make summer great again! (I actually did not realize that the title of this post said “make winter great again” so no pun intended, I guess...)
  8. Rework order

    Not Wes, he's supposed to be the challenged character, so let's keep it that way. One change I would like to see to him though, is that he is needs to be unlocked in some sort of way, so that newbies don't accidentally play him, and you can't just 'change' to him using the portal, as to increase bragging rights for people who play him legitimately throughout the whole game. I swear, if the challenged character is made to be no longer challenged, I will just install a mod that makes him challenged again, play as only him forever, and stay off of public servers eternally; keep him difficult please.
  9. spooky bosses

    Why has nobody said Treeguard? The one boss you don’t expect to see (besides bearger, and he’s not that scary) and they come from trees of all things, the last place a beginner would expect to find a boss fight. Definitely the Treeguard, the one boss that can truly scare you.
  10. Balance question

    While of course the only way to totally balance a character is to make the two absolutely the same, there is no denying that characters can be made balanced without making them less fun, (or even more fun) and balance is something that we should work towards provided that it doesn’t make the characters too uninteresting. Take Wigfrid’s meat only downside, I personally find that it makes her a much more unique and fun character, and without it she would be unbalanced and less interesting. This can also apply to other characters such as Wolfgang and WX. (As for Willow getting wet, her cold debuff stacks with the rain, so that’s what I think she means, but it is admittedly not very relevant.)
  11. Balance question

    "If your reading comprehension was better" Not technically an insult, but most certainly meant to be one, or horribly written on your part, given your criticising reading comprehension, i'm going to assume the first one. Maybe this isn't an insult, but you should be criticizing the points made by an argument, not the wording unless it's misleading. A lot of the same ideas apply though, if other games can have good balance, don't starve can, there's nothing from stopping it. I've already established that balance is needed at least in the late-game, as people will just switch characters, and even earlygame, if you take my Wicker vs. Willow example it's a lot easier to play as Wicker, sanity being a bit harder to manage is much better than freezing at low sanity. All of these are PvE, Players Vs. Everything else, although it is not singleplayer, which is why characters need to be balanced, as people pick what is easiest and best, and people do, as statistics show Willow is a very rarely chosen character, Wes the least. (He is an exception though, being the 'challenged character', but still proves the point) While these are different, they all share the same PvE aspect, and do show how a character imbalance can affect that. (There are not a lot of other PvE games with choosable unique characters) People play Wilson because he's the default character, not because of his 'style'. WX is better than Wilson in every way other than taking rain damage, so if people cared about 'style' they would play him, being a straight up upgrade, they play him because he's familiar, not fun, but this only applies to him, not any other character.
  12. Balance question

    Every character can beat every boss, but not nearly as easily as others, and characters should be balanced for reasons mentioned before, especially considering the together aspect takes away a lot of control over who picks who. If the best reason to do something is because you can, often it’s not the most interesting to do, especially when it’s a whole character. My mistake there, but it’s pretty much unarguable that having a Wes is better than nobody at all. No reason to insult though, let’s keep this argument civil. The Forge/Gorge are still applicable in that they showed why we do need balance in a PvE game even when there was reason to play them (character achievements) and although the lack of vote kick option made it different, plenty of people would refuse to start a game with a Wendy or Webber. PvP was more of an afterthought than a game mode, so let’s avoid that for now Your need to insult people who oppose your viewpoint also shows the same ‘emotional’ thought process. This kind of thinking brings nothing to the table so let’s drop it. This is not true, many games like LoL, and other have found great ways to balance characters, which is far from impossible while keeping characters fun, that doesn't mean we should give up on reaching partial balance either. Seriously Pop Guy? I agree with your arguments (and am also italian) but your not making a point by insulting him, and proved his point.
  13. Balance question

    Not always, often Willows are the first people to be banned when a griefer is on the server, though I have never seen someone banned for being a Wes.
  14. Stronger Late-game Hound Attacks

    If you wanted to make use of it you would need to live near it, so I imagine that it would become the one place everyone would base by (which is rather boring) considering food is not a problem late-game either, the late game would just become easier, unfortunately.
  15. Balance question

    All characters do indeed need to be balanced late game, or people will just go through the portal and switch to another character when the time comes. If you are a Willow late game, where you probably have dwarf stars and sanity restoring items, there is no reason to not play Wickerbottom instead, as hunger and sanity should no longer are problems, and neither are light, rendering Willow useless late game (except for cooking items on the go). While Wickerbottom has books of all sorts that can be used for tons of things, like killing the queen bee with tentacles and Krampus summoning with birds of the world. To make this even worse, Wickerbottom is better than Willow early game, with unlimited food (except in winter) with ‘agriculture’ book, and even in winter with ‘birds of the world’, and a portable science machine! To conclude, there is no reason not to play Wickerbottom over Willow or Wendy, no matter at what time, and while some people say that they may still see Wendy mains, that’s no way to justify imbalance, as no matter what some people will always (and reasonably) care about balance, and without it will you play the better characters and not see the other characters for their unique dialogue and traits. Although they are getting reworked, so ‘wait for the reworks’ giving advice on how to balance the characters always helps, especially when people can’t agree on which characters need to be balanced. All characters need to be balanced, at least in the Late-game. (And Toros, Two Wickers is always better than a Wicker and a Willow)