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Dups Calories not decreasing

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6 hours ago, Oni Noob said:

Hi Guy,


Anyone encountered a bug where dups calories seems frozen to 4k preventing them from getting hungry? (I had to reload them more than 4x because of this bug)

Oh, thank you xD

Same seed, same bug ;)


Last time a duplicant of mine went into a death spirale after he had a bug that kept him at 4000kcal all the time.

(But the same could happen if something else would result in a huge morale drop.)


Here the effects on the stress level:

1. 20% stress for playing on fatalistic

2. 50% stress for low morale (I was 6 points to low^^)

3. -5% stress beeing appreciated (I got some supply routes through the massage clinic).

4. -60% receiving a massage in a massage clinic


=> Even if I use the follow cam option for an additional temporary -5% stress relief, my duplicant gained stress while receiving a massage. (Appriciated isn´t up all the time.)


Keep in mind that a duplicant will prefer to receive a massage over going for some down time activities.

=> After a full cycle in the massage clinic my duplicant will have a higher stress value and a lower morale value ...

Having a never hungry duplicant while playing ravanging hunger seems good/fun, but it resulted in a duplicant never using my great hall ...

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