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  1. How come when I check the wire it says 0 watts power consumption
  2. How about Wheezewort, do they get some kind of penalty when planted wild?
  3. @OozinatorThanks for this but It doesnt say whats the best seed to plant though
  4. By the way.. I am currently in a stage where I utilize pip to plant my plants, with that whats the top 5 plants you plant(wow thats too many 'plant') using pip and a quick explanation why would be nice. TIA
  5. Cool liquid

    Sorry whats happening in the picture? Are you trying to cool the aquatuner by its own output?
  6. Rescue Mission

    This sounds cool, you need to heat him up to melt the ice
  7. Cool liquid

    Maybe ill just do the old school method using cold slush geyser. By the way since they change the output of Water Sieve, what are the methods to destroy the heated pwater? Oh man there is a update for Ethanol. Oh man I should have read the Distilleries description before tried this setup. Based on the Video the hydrogen should take the heat and destroy it using hydrogen generator but really taking a while to cool off the aquatuner for it to run
  8. Cool liquid

    This is the design I got from Brothgar, I was really hoping this would solve my heating problem
  9. Cool liquid

    Ohh damn, I love exploiting stuff. Can you teach me master
  10. Cool liquid

    hmmm interesting but since steam turbines cant fully support those 3 Aquatuners in terms of power. How many Watts should I ready so that the Aquatuner is running 24/7
  11. Do you use the same principle? Maybe you could share your setup
  12. On my setup I am losing water, Should the petro generator running 100% of the time?