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  1. How come when I check the wire it says 0 watts power consumption
  2. Super last question(Sorry in advance). - You added 5 large transformer because you we're anticipating to have a 20kW worth of consumers? - So if in my base I am planning to consume aroung 5kW of power, does it mean I need to have 3 large transformer after my producer so it wont get overload damage?
  3. Thanks for a very clear explanation and answering my questions. Its very clear now time to try it out. Thanks again
  4. Sorry I am being a noob here, I am not sure whats with tranformers but why not have multiple batteries then instead of a tranformers? And also is there a reason why we are using heavy watt wires in the power producers?
  5. @nakomaru Thanks for pointing out the picture and answering my question. sorry but I got another question, why does it need multiple tranformers?
  6. Do you have screenshot on how it works. So for example I have Hydrogen generator does it mean that all I need to use transformer after the Hydrogen Generator?
  7. Sorry this is fairly new to me. So a group of consumers requires a tranformer? Is that it?
  8. This idea is pretty. I just one question whats the purpose of the small transformers if you can disconnect a wire to avoid overloading?
  9. Slickster not eating

    How come the slickster are not eating? They got enough CO2 but still the calories is always below 40ish I tried lowering the Co2 inside the room but still the same