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Automated Omellette maker (no chef)

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45 minutes ago, Saturnus said:

Correct. I also edited my answer above.

That build is great. I'm going to put it next to my meat room* and see if I can come up with a system to have some customizable control over the proportion of meat and omelettes that comes out. And any other 'problem' scenarios that I may not have thought of yet.

Main one I'm thinking of is an overproduction of omelettes. So once omelettes reach max storage all the eggs will be sent to the meat room and then excess meat sent to compost. Since for the majority of critters you end up with more overall mass to send to compost by killing them for meat (meat + egg shells vs raw egg + egg shells). And also taking into account that some species will always be more efficient being turned into omelettes vs BBQ for food and vice versa.

I'm going to check the ONI biology charts to see how everything can be min/maxed. I'd like the end result to be a system with an input of any type of critter egg and the output is the most efficient use of said egg for whatever your needs are.
(meat for compost vs meat for BBQ vs omelettes etc.)

Unless you've come up with a system for that already lol. Most of the people on the forum are much better with logic / automation stuff than me.

*just a pic of the meat room I mentioned lol.



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35 minutes ago, Soulwind said:

Since we're cooking in very hot water, wouldn't that be poached eggs instead of omelet? :)

It's not boiling water though so sous-vide may be a more correct term.

And before you ask, yes, you can make sous-vide omelettes.

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47 minutes ago, Kerma said:

I loved the design but not quite sure if I fully understand it. How do I keep Pacus from extinction?

I want to do something similar but with Shine Bugs or Hatches.

It's actually explained fairly comprehensibly in the post. It's a water clock that governs when the sweeper is shut off so that the last egg the pacu lays, the 13th one, is not removed. With the critter sensor that was introduced after this build was made you have other options but a water clock is still an extremely good method of counting to any number higher than 4. Far more compact than what would be possible with automation.

Pacu's are excellent for this purpose as they have extremely high reproduction rate, and the egg mass is twice that of a hatch, and 20 times that of a shine bug. Note that the egg shell is half the weight of the raw egg.

Pacu's also require no grooming, so zero dupe time spent on it.

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On 3/5/2019 at 4:34 AM, Saturnus said:


EDIT: Note, the automatic cooker part you request is the bottom bit.

Just out of curiosity, is there a particular reason you used petroleum to cook the eggs? Do eggs stay fresh in petroleum?

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