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MOGOM MkIII (Now with integrated GymTech!)

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Special thanks to @Neotuck, @mathmanican, and @goatt.

What happens here is that a dupe (make sure only one can access at any given time) will be able to mop as long as there's enough polluted water that the errand doesn't get removed. Since the bottle emptier is a higher priority, the dupe will then collect any polluted water bottles and attempt to deliver them. It can't deliver them before the door locks though, because it has to wait for the unpowered mechanised airlock to open. The pathing breaks, the bottle drops down, and the cycle resets.

The Hydro Sensor is set to above 120kg.

Mk 3.2:



Occasionally a bottle can get dropped on the right pressure plate, due to the dupe quitting it's delivery task for downtime. I'll work on a foolproof version.


Mk 3.3:


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On 26/02/2019 at 2:01 PM, mathmanican said:

Make a new spoiler at the end, then copy the contents of the nested spoiler, then delete the nested spoiler.... Annoying. 

Eurgh, that sounds too much like effort :p


One weird thing I noticed while building this was that the far right tile of liquid has to have a solid tile above it or the tile will get mopped completely O.o 

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