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how does critter sensor work?

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critter sensor activates whenever the total number of critters and potentia critters (eggs) is above to a certain value. So say you want to keep a population of 8 critters in a stable and want to deactivate the incubator once that number is reached. You set the critter sensor to 7 and hook it up to the incubator with a not gate.


And if you go the room overlay, it will tell you how many critters there are in a room, if any. 

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17 minutes ago, qqqqqqqqqqqq said:

eggs are not counted

Yes, they are. There may be a bug in the QoL2 preview though but I don't care about that. If eggs aren't counted the sensor is almost completely useless.

In this room there's 2 stone hatches, 2 stone hatchlings, and 2 stone hatch eggs.

The sensor is active at 1 through 5, and shut off at 6 and above.

If eggs weren't counted there's no possible way the sensor could be active in this case when set to 5 critters.


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6 minutes ago, Yunru said:

Although the critter sensor really needs work. Every other sensor you can set a value, and more than or less than. 

I think they only included it at all because I wouldn't shut up about it missing. So that maybe why less thought than usual went into it.

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