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Klei, you are AWSOME!

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I just wanted to point out a few of my humble observations from following and periodically testing out this early access game.

1. Klei has consistently engaged, listened to and in many cases implemented the suggestions and feedback from players.  I've noticed this as I routinely lurk the forums and observe the way the game development has gone.  Even one of my own suggestions appears it may have made into one of the updates.

2. Klei has effectively used the early access system to utilize player feedback and bug reporting to keep the "live" version of the game almost entirely bug free.

3. Klei has kept the live version of the game fun, interesting, almost bug free and very playable, despite the fact that it is still in early access.

4. Klei has done a fanastic job keeping it's players informed of the direction the game is going in it's "Roadmap", and has stayed true to that plan from day one.

5. Klei is well organized and has kept it's players informed and updated in announcements as to it's plan for releasing updates, and (with the exception of one single instance over Christmas holidays) has followed that plan with discipline.




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I have to admire how organised the development is. Everything seems to be planned ahead with no weird decisions mid development (well maybe one or two). When compared to other games being constantly developed (even some triple A titles) it looks like they have a clear picture of how they want their game to play but don`t hesitate to improve it based on feedback.

Sometimes i think they are using the experience in planning they got when playing the game to plan the development of it. It`s like watching somebody build a perfectly organised base part by part while keeping the whole thing running and everybody alive.

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