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  1. Microchip only tune once

    Same problem:
  2. We need 4kW wire

    We need 4kW to make electric schemes look more beautiful. Every room in my colony has a door and I don't want to destroy beauty of my walls with Heavi-Watt Joint Plate.
  3. It's a debug option. But actually I can't predict Scanner behavior. Some groups of scanner works fine and at the same time others do something weird on any speed.
  4. Autosweepers stop working

    Affirmative! I got the same bug!
  5. And yet this is a bug, because without superspeed it works as it should. But sometimes the radar works fine, even with 0 scan quality it doesn't open the doors. It looks like some random **** to me.
  6. Is this a bug? I'm using CTRL+U for superspeed. Золотая Нора.sav Золотая Нора Cycle 69.sav
  7. We need 4kW wire

    I want to have ability using as less wires as possible. 4kW instead of 2 resolve this problem perfectly. We need some kind of tier 3 upgrades for electric technologies.
  8. We need 4kW wire

    If you would play ONI long enough you'd know difference between Heavy Conductive Wire and Wire.
  9. We need 4kW wire

    Wrong again. We have 20kW Heavi Conductive Wire, and we need 4 kW wire.
  10. We need 4kW wire

    We don't have such wires, what are talking about?
  11. A lot of wires in late game looks really scary.
  12. Use 2 Water Sieves to filter 10 kg of water and cool 10 kg at a time. Otherwise you cool 5 kg only and waste power. You can see my fix in the attached file, the pipe thermo sensor now works. 5c6bb15ff28ad_ProsperousFart.sav
  13. If you crystallize CO2 then make it gaz back again, there will be like 10 times more CO2.