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  1. Microchip only tune once

    Same problem:
  2. Bunker doors opens and closes several times

    It's a debug option. But actually I can't predict Scanner behavior. Some groups of scanner works fine and at the same time others do something weird on any speed.
  3. Autosweepers stop working

    Affirmative! I got the same bug!
  4. Bunker doors opens and closes several times

    And yet this is a bug, because without superspeed it works as it should. But sometimes the radar works fine, even with 0 scan quality it doesn't open the doors. It looks like some random **** to me.
  5. Is this a bug? I'm using CTRL+U for superspeed. Золотая Нора.sav Золотая Нора Cycle 69.sav
  6. Use 2 Water Sieves to filter 10 kg of water and cool 10 kg at a time. Otherwise you cool 5 kg only and waste power. You can see my fix in the attached file, the pipe thermo sensor now works. 5c6bb15ff28ad_ProsperousFart.sav
  7. If you crystallize CO2 then make it gaz back again, there will be like 10 times more CO2.
  8. Auto-Sweeper doesn't work after 10 cycles or so. I have to destroy and rebuild Conveyor Receptacle every time. Incredible Panopticon.sav
  9. priority always 5 (video included)

    Yeah, it's the old one.
  10. Subj. Save included. Nope. The file is here: C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Klei\Oxygen Not Included Incredible Panopticon Cycle 832.sav
  11. Indestructible block

    Incredible Panopticon.sav
  12. Incredible Panopticon.sav