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[PoC] Dispenser (doser)

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On 16.01.2019 at 2:34 PM, Craigjw said:

Nice simple example.

A picture of the pipe overlay would be useful to show how excess liquid is diverted to the vent.  For completeness, an ON/OFF switch could be also be included, although not necessary.

When I've been posting it, I thought pipes are visible, that's why pipe overlay isn't presented.

It's just a concept, pump automation and other accessories are optional. As an example, you can use the following (green arrows represent automation cables.):


"ON/OFF impulse" - here you can use any automation sensor, e.g. temperature sensor. Turn it on, wait a second, turn it off. The pump will start pumping and will be stopped automatically (you won't have to wait to turn it off by hands). Excess of medium will be brought back via the return pipe.

Example of on/off impulse:


The only one restriction of using such things (sensor filter or my dispenser) is that you shouldn't use it while building/destroing pipes, because when you perform any changes to, for example, water pipe system, such water system glitches somehow. The same is for gas systems.

Thanks for the feedback!

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