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  1. I confirm. Statistics on a power tab of a machine on the same power line shows turbine outputs tinkered power.
  2. Cool Steam Vents

    This method of allowing vents and geysers to erupt being overpressured doesn't work anymore. They just don't erupt and don't show anything in a tooltip.
  3. Having 64 GB RAM and NVIDIA Quadro P4000. SolidWorks, Autodesk products. And 64 GB is still not enough for SolidWorks.
  4. Because 12 is the distance between two neighbouring gas shutoffs. So I just empty the gas-feeding pipe. =) Didnt't try to find out the exact amount of gas needed for the purpose yet. And it can be CO2, why not. Miners are made of steel, but it looks like I can use gold - in this cooling configuration after ≈150 cycles. Thanks for the reply, @Tonyroid. Your setups are great.
  5. I'd be happy to suggest. Where?
  6. Didn't know it works this way. If so, thanks a lot!
  7. Anyways, when miners are active and supported, scanners work worse. Maybe because of doors. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. When I got to the Space Biome I started looking for interesting setups, but found nothing satisfying me. So I started making my own. Specification TLDR: Regolith math TLDR: The setup: Details: Algorithm of an automation cycle is: When a meteorite shower is detected, bunker doors get closed and accumulate regolith on itself. At the same time gate doors move and drop down piles of dug regolith from the previous shower. After the shower the bunker doors and gate doors get opened, the regolith falls down onto gate doors, autominers get supported (to perform digging) and cooled down. Timings: Cycle automation setup: Scanners setup: Miners setup: Regolith piles gathering setup: That's it. Any feedback?
  9. QoL suggestions

    First of all thanks for you feedback, BLACKBERREST3. I saw this topic. The idea was to use power sensor to make Jumbos smart. And yes i know there's a setup of smart batteries and automation to make Jumbos smart. 2. The idea is to use it as regolith obstacles detector, if #5 (laser sensor) is not implementable. No light - the sky is closed by regolith from a meteorite, so autominers should keep on working. I know they don't consume power when idling, but in my space setup is another way of using them. Yep i saw this one too. But I'd like to see it in vanilla. I believe the more similar suggestions are brought the bigger chance to see a thing implemented. Maybe I'm naive. I made up and use the similar design for a long time. But it just shows averaged temperature, not exact. The point for me is to send hot items to a steam chamber. Cool ones will just steal energy from steam.
  10. Does gantry need to be cooled down? I thought it doesn't. Radiant pipes in vacuum don't work. They need some medium in the environment to interact with. I just dispense oxygen near my autominers. It's enough for steel ones to be not overheated. Tested for 50+ cycles. Though i believe hydrogen is better for the purpose.
  11. Waypoints. Iirc ctrl+F1...F12 and then shift+F1...F12. Didn't understand other points.
  12. Btw does anybody know their ranges? The distance between bottom tiles of scanner and bottom tiles of machinery (except all doors) should be 14 tiles. What about telescopes?
  13. I'd suggest the "go back on tool selection" key, being pressed several times, would let us switch between that last two or three tools: Pressed once it selects the last tool. Pressed the second time it selects the pre-last tool. It'll be more helpful. E.g. when building a pipeline placing pipes then bridge then pipes again and one more bridge...
  14. Update Transit tube.

    My main power supply line made of heavy-watt wire goes behind transit tubes line, in the same tiles. They can intersect.
  15. The Autoclave

    We don't have an autoclave, so leave the interaction of reservoired/tanked germed mediums with chlorine alone.