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  1. What are sweepers? Manipulators? If yes, then when you place it in a mess hall, you lose mess hall, because manipulator is a production structure. Tried it yesterday.
  2. I meant I don't care if somebody uses my builds. =) Even more, it makes me feel good. As for me, if I like some design - I just use it.
  3. First, thanks for your assessment. As I said above, currently I don't need such type of automation. Therefore I didn't think on this question. But at first look button doesn't let know amount of some types of food. If you only need to know total amount to shut your farms down then buttons are of course ok, IMO. Edit: I hope I understood you correctly and your question wasn't an ask for permission to use this design. XD
  4. I'm afraid to get elegance (Yoma_Nosme's word) of this build lost. If someone will show the community something clever like this but more automation-friendly - I'll thank him/her. Following Occam's razor principle, I try to not complexify my builds when it's not needed. Anyway, I have to thank you for the feedback! =)
  5. Of course I can, but I can't control types of food this way. "Full refrigerator of pincha"-way won't work. Though I've never used such systems, so the first con doesn't matter for me. Maybe in the future, if I'll need it, I'll do something different.
  6. Humm, found a couple of cons of my storage: 1. No availability to use automation dependent on fullness of food storage (e.g. turn off plants growing). 2. No way to sweep dropped meals. To sweep meals, I have to manually turn on manual accessibility of a loader for meals, sweep meals from the floor, then turn accessibility off. Pity...
  7. Because if you make 'em I-shaped (2 tiles deep), the top tile "blinks" (sterile gas is being replaced with Oxygen and vice versa) causing spoilage of food in a bottom tile. L-shaped pocket prevents this. Didn't mention such issues. Maybe I wasn't enough observant... Thank you! =) Sorry for my misunderstanding, but I didn't understand if it was a like or not. =) English is not my native. Thanks everybody for your feedback!
  8. It'd be very helpful if we could see information about temperature of a medium going out of a geyser.
  9. That situation, when it'd be way much better, if a question would have stayed un-asked. XD As some people already said, it's not strange a switch has to be dupe-operated; it's strange that sensors can be player-adjusted. And when such a question is being asked, devs may change a way of adjusting sensors to dupe-operated. "Nah, switches are ok, but sensors are not. Let's fix it". =)
  10. I may be wrong, but spores are bad only for allergic dups. On another side it's one of the best ways to prevent green germs' invasion to your base - just plant spore-ish plants next to an entrance and wait a little bit until spores occupy some room.
  11. My design of a kitchen and food storage. Minimal electricity consumption, sterilization of ingredients, unlimited capacity, cheap. Conveyor loader for food ingredients should be accessible for manual manipulation. A loader for meals - shouldn't.
  12. Maybe this one?