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  1. Chlorine distillator. Filters are set to 200 sec each.
  2. Solid steel can be melted at 2.4k°C, but - vice versa - liquid steel solidifies at 1k°C. Shouldn't it be the same temperatures? And now found, ingame description of a liquid steel (in its porps window) is the same as for Abyssalite.
  3. Thought the same, but hadn't checked the assumption yet.
  4. Since at least the previous build, steam turbine max output is 850 Wt, even if it's boosted with microprocessor. As you can see on the screenshot below, turbine's productivity should be 1275 Wt, but it's 850 Wt.
  5. It'd be very helpful if we could see information about temperature of a medium going out of a geyser.