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Don't Starve Tex Files Manager


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Hi to all.

I made this to all for everyone that maybe not know really good how to manage the console tool made by Matt.

How to use:

You have to press Decompress, and select all the file you want to decompress, and wait until it not finish.

The file decompressed will be in the same folder of the Compressed File.

Same process to Compress, select all files to Compress, then wait until it is done, it will overwrite original file, so make backups!


Right now, not all files are compatible, i working on the different types of DXT that use the game.

Now that Klei released the official converter, i can complete my tool. Stay Tuned!


Don't Starve Tex Files Manager


Version 1.2:

- Compresser RAW!

- Optimized!

Version 1.1:

- Compresser DXT5!

- Some Minor BugFix

Version 1.0:

- First version of tool

- Decompresser DXT5, RAW Files.

Thanks to Matt for base code of Decompresser!

Thanks to Klei Developers for converter!


Post there if you found any bug.

Thanks :)

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  • Developer

Please remember that all mods are to be used at your own risk.

Klei will not be able to help you with any issues you may have with your game as a result of using a mod.

Please remember that player made mods in Don't Starve are new and could cause issues with your current saved games.

It is advised that you do not install game mods unless you are completely comfortable doing so.

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