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  1. Since I don't have your scripts, so this is what I would do. You may look into how Chester and Abigail follow players in general. For Chester, he will keep following as long as the tag exists. local function OnStartFollowing(inst) inst:AddTag("companion") end local function fn() ... inst:AddComponent("follower") inst:ListenForEvent("startfollowing", OnStartFollowing) ... end For Abigail, she is linked to the player 'permanently'. local function linktoplayer(inst, player) inst.persists = false inst._playerlink = player player.abigail = inst player.components.leader:AddFollower(inst) for k, v in pairs(player.abigail_flowers) do k:Refresh() end player:ListenForEvent("onremove", unlink, inst) end local function fn() ... inst.LinkToPlayer = linktoplayer ... end
  2. very interesting, really, i appreciate your story but need some tidying up
  3. i am utc+8, so when can i suppose to see the update :(it says 11:51pm now...