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  1. read other report I made, basically if you are stuck behind the door (get to like 4 speed and jump off the lockers) everything is unrendered that isnt behind the door. if you look down at an angle the wall behind the door (if you look from the hallway) is also unrenedered
  2. looking down at an angle lets you look through this door crack and through the wall itself (door near the dog spawn)
  3. Seems to be that whenever I'm on the floor and move my mouse I'm listed as out of bounds. If I'm jumping and move my mouse then i'm not affected, but if I'm on the ground and turn my character I get listed as OOB.
  4. Not in a level, but any time I turn my mouse or move around I get listed as "out of bounds" and teleported back to outside the last course I did. Have tried rejoining map and it did not get fixed.
  5. texture bug

    you can go pretty far into the wall/texture if you run forwards in this spot
  6. i cant move

    i load in an i wont be able to move
  7. game freezing

    start getting screen freeze and skipping. starts at entrance and continues past the first two arm swings.
  8. In crouched down under this area and then stood up and I cant get out. I even tried croching again
  9. если на на последней карте много прыгать возле этого места то ты можешь либо застрять либо перепрыгнуть стенку хотя теоретически ее там невозможно перепрыгнуть
  10. i cant do this

  11. SHe is fat and cant do it in 33 seconds, make her run on a treadmill for acouple days to lighten her up and then get her speed up to the challenge please
  12. Ao iniciar uma partida via "tentar novamente", o personagem congela e não sai do lugar. Ocorre tambem durante o respawn, mas com menor frequencia.
  13. wtf is this

    hmm nice bug i think
  14. You get stuck

    When you push your body up against this pallet your character gets stuck everytime unless you hit the space bar or jump to get out.
  15. I can stand on lava without dying (on gym level three) if I jump right next to a pole. I die if I move out a bit from where I'm standing, though.