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  1. sorry to all for my late reply. i try to be more active in modding and updating/fixing all my mods and releasing more mods. maybe for dst too. special thanks to "the people" they was trying to hack my twitch account because i "giveaway" 3 DST keys for free, whilst klei entertainment was streaming. special regards
  2. thank you! i will look into this shortly i can. promised! to all other asking about "DST Support", at the moment i don't how all the multiplayer stuff is working but i will look give all my attention to make it possible. please stay tuned. im not gone. regards
  3. hello @ObeyElisia, i think it's the version, mod is not updated yet. could you share me with your latest log.txt "appdata/username/dont starve\". then i can look what causes the issue. special regards
  4. you kidding me, of course i can because i've made it. there is no problem. the main problem is that people stealing mods and share them on workshop for dst. please go away i don't like people they mean to steal stuff. that all goes under DCMA! learn about it before you post useless stuff here. here is not a place for you. enough said. thanks regards
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  6. time to update all my mods...