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  1. updates are available here: https://github.com/HandsomeMatt/dont-starve-tools/releases
  2. Version 1.4.1


    These are some super simple tools I made for Don't Starve years ago, recently updated and re-uploaded myself seeing how popular they were. I still believe you should use the official tools for texture creation, but for simply viewing and exploring assets this tool should work great for you. Source code and latest releases are always available on GitHub.
  3. Just a note: This is, in now way, shape or form, tehMugwump. Serious forum glitch that says I started this thread, but I dinn't... Hey you starving children! It doesn't seem like there's a big masterpost for cosplay yet so I FEEL THE DESIRE TO START ONE... MAINLY BECAUSE I JUST TOOK SOME PICS OF MY COSPLAY BUT HEY. SO! If you've ever cosplayed from the great canon that is Don't Starve FEEL FREE TO SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS HERE!! It'd be great to have a gallery of photos here don't you think??? 8) I also think it'd be cool to have discussion on how to make certain props, work in progress pieces, etc! I'd really just love to see this fandom take off and have a few cosplayers at cons to REPRESENT B) holla I've seen a few cosplays out there already and have compiled some photos SO I'LL POST THEM HERE and leave credit where credit is due, of course On that note~ there's mine! BUT PLEASE POST SOME OF YOUR OWN! And ask questions and work on things and be beautiful!!! uvu i may post some work in progress shots of mine later BUT YEAH!!
  4. Klei Studio has TEXTool in yeah, to open a file just open TEXTool and then use the open file dialog.

  5. 1.Matt , Klei Studio is same to TEXtool ?

    2.When i use TEX tool , i can't open TEX files . how do i open it ?

  6. I really recommend you use TEXTool instead.
  7. Wickerbottom's characteristics haven't changed in a month, her only bonus is the 2x research bonus apart form that everything is the same as Wilson, she's essentially a finished playable character, there is just currently no way to unlock her.
  8. Surely it makes it easier if you travel as you can just download the game onto any machine you have Steam installed on, the save is automatically synced via Steam cloud too. Offline mode works fine, whenever I travel I always have 3G data access, it's perfect.
  9. Gee, I wonder where they got all that information from: http://dontstarvewiki.net/index.php/Krampus It's even in the same format, they're not even trying to hide it...