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  1. Well, who is new like me, maybe not know them in game. You are welcome.
  2. Hey. There's some character that coming soon: SPOILER ALERT, WHO DON'T WANT SPOILER, DON'T OPEN SPOILER! Bye.
  3. Hi to all. I made this to all for everyone that maybe not know really good how to manage the console tool made by Matt. How to use: You have to press Decompress, and select all the file you want to decompress, and wait until it not finish. The file decompressed will be in the same folder of the Compressed File. Same process to Compress, select all files to Compress, then wait until it is done, it will overwrite original file, so make backups! Info: Right now, not all files are compatible, i working on the different types of DXT that use the game. Now that Klei released the official converter, i can complete my tool. Stay Tuned! Download: Don't Starve Tex Files Manager Changelog: Thanks to Matt for base code of Decompresser! Thanks to Klei Developers for converter! REMEMBER TO MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR FILES! Post there if you found any bug. Thanks
  4. I've started a translation project from the old update.Maybe we can collaborate.
  5. All these fix are listed, we for now work on others thing, for now we think that things are "secondary" and we work on primary features.Not worry
  6. Is not compatible because i no know what type of graphic file is... [MENTION=8]Kevin[/MENTION]
  7. I told you to make a backup of every file, because when you go to compress it overwrite old file.
  8. My Tool can Decompress and Recompress to 2 file format for now: DATA Format for DXT5 and DATA Format for RAW File ( Portraits ).For the rest of the compression i need more time because i need to found all information that i can need.
  9. You can't convert a DDS to PNG as i known.Use the Plugin for Photoshop if you use it.
  10. Decompress the image, apply your own on the file, save and compress.
  11. I've already wrote everything in the first post.