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Whoa it's a fanart thread (Rastea's fanart)


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Welp, I finally got myself an account on here. Been a long time lurker. Anyway I've been wanting to do some fanart for ages and I finally sat down and did some today. I should not have stayed up until 3am to finish it but oh well, I was in the zone I guess.I'm uh, an extremely slow artist with many other distractions so this will not be updated often hahaha... u-u; Buuuuut if I draw any more I'll throw it over here. Probably not any more full things like this oh god.post-10911-13764591332343_thumb.jpghttp://rastear.deviantart.com/art/Dont-Starve-Wendy-and-Abigail-355749180Wendy and Abigail. Forgot what ghosts looked like in game until it was too late and then decided I liked the swirly ghost anyway.

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