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Don't Starve fanart and other things (really just fanart)

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6 hours ago, webbermain252 said:

my not so grand art thread. 

5779f266439eb_arieltriesconsoling.png.626f7caa21a85e85e9258b57fc082330.pngOh c'moooon, don't be so hard on yourself. It's great you want to show what you've made.

I bet he's snuggling the hot cocoa due to it keeping him warmer than his own fluff.:wilson_ecstatic:

Still, overall adorable piece.

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I like that webber, actually! The smile is very cute, something about him is rather aesthetically appealing. But then, I kinda end up staring a Webber a lot for that reason XD
I don't think we have any long-term artists here who focus intensely on webber? I mean long-term. Like, Rubi is long-term and does Wendy... But y'know maybe she's the only long-term focus we have, now that I think about it. 

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