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Funko Pop DST: you want the Figurines + Skins, only one of them, or into it for Steam Market profits?

Funko Pop DST bundles  

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  1. 1. You are buying the Funko Pop DST figurines because...

    • I want the complete bundle, I love both figurine plus skin it provides, obviously will keep both
    • I love skins, don't care about figurine, so ofc I buy bundle only for provided skin, probably will give/sell figurine
    • I love Funko figurines, don't care about the skin, but is a welcomed item; still maybe I will give or sell skin
    • I care for neither skin or figurine, am into this for profiting of Steam Market, will sell both skin (on Steam Market) and figurine (on eBay or another place)
    • Funko-what? Don't care, I just want my Potato Cup.

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So, because I for one was a bit dissatisfied with how the Funko skins specs weren't provided right when said figurine bundles were first announced and because this lil thread has gone into weird places I decided to inquire via poll who is into what regarding the Funkos. Thus let the insanity sampling begin even if is on the very small numbers of people actually getting into this sub-forum and providing interactions.

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1 hour ago, disies said:

You can see who voted what?

Being my first topic with a poll, I left setup as it was by default, and it seems by default you could click on the little icons at right side of poll lines to see who voted; after realizing this I've tweaked a bit said settings and made icons inactive - hence anonymity :anonymous:


12 minutes ago, Pab10Suarez said:

Trap question everyone wants a potato cup

Corrected that as well, supposed to be a stand-in joke for whomever doesn't care about Funko, heh.

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