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A Petition for future mobs

Should all future mobs be vulnerable to death? ALL future mobs?  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Should all future mobs be vulnerable to death? ALL future mobs?

    • Yes, it will emphasize freedom of choice
    • No, this rogue game could stand to have more challenge
    • I don't think we know enough about the game's development to decide yet
    • I've posted my idea in the comments

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One day on the forums, I read about a new mob that supposedly hunts the player about the map. The eyelid-raising part of this new creature was that it was hard to kill, not impossible to kill. At this moment, I realized how important options are in a survival game such as Don't Starve- how the possibilities for survival tactics can hinge on whether or not a mob is kill-able.Imagine a spider queen update that featured an invincible spider queen; the update would have made migration necessary and combat less important.My question is this: should all mobs (assuming the grue doesn't count; he's pretty fair right now) that Klei adds be a viable kill target for the sake of freedom of choice?

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If you can't kill a monster, you must hide and run from it. Also if it could sense your fear (can't hide from it, when your sanity is low), that would be pretty damn scary if you ask me. Just throw in some nice sound effects, and you wet your pants.I'm all for more scary things/monsters. :D

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I understand that point of view entirely, which is why my vote is "in the comments" and not begging to be able to kill anything I want with minimal effort.I didn't intend for this thread to seem like a complaint in any way, I just wanted to see what the community thought.Please disregard this response if you were actually arguing in favor of the "I don't think we know enough" choice!

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