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Adds a follower health badge and loyalty time to the top left of the screen by default.

- Round bit displays health and the rectangle is loyalty percentage.

- Max displayed badges of 12 by default.

I have not done much testing on this mod so please let me know if you have any problems on the comments below.



Cave Spider

Nightmare Bishop

Nightmare Knight

Nightmare Rook

Codex Umbra (Shadow Maxwell)

Dangling Depth Dweller









Glommer (Adjusted Prefab On)


Baby Tallbird

Teen Tallbird

Anything else if and actually follower will have a default health meter. If there is any I've missed or you would like adding please let me know.


Chester is not included. This was out of choice but if I am wrong and you think he should be included let me know. As he has regenerating HP, self resurrects and already has an indicator in the form of the eye bone I thought it was overkill to add him as a badge.

If I am wrong on this let me know and I will add an option to add him.


Glommer's prefab has been adjusted as would not work by default. Hopefully this is quite similar to how it should function naturally but if not please let me know. I've added a function that pings every second he is alive and checks if the player has a Glommer flower in their inventory with the tag of Glommer flower. If so it adds the follower to the the player and stops Catcoons attacking.

You can turn this off in the Mod Config but he will no longer be a follower as originally it follows the flower not player.


To get to these goto Mods from the main menu. Then hover the mouse over Follower Badges. The picture should come up and an option Configure Mod. Without letting the mouse go on another mod click on this option.


• Adjustable to suit your screen setup.

• Change the max displayed followers.

• Glommer Settings.

• Abigail's Flower Charging.

• Tallbird Egg Hatching.


Q) Will this work with Wicked and the Merms?

A) Glad you asked and yes it will! Should work with all mods but any conflicts please let me know.

Q) Will this scale with my HUD size?

A) Yes and you will probably need to use the Configure Mod options to make it look right.

Q) If I have 13 or more followers and one of my displayed 12 stops following what happens?

A) It will adjust and display 12.

Q) Webber gets lots of spiders at once is this normal?

A) Yes that's how Webber works.

Q) This isn't a question but you've missed a follower!

A) Let me know which one and I'll add it.

Q) Why isn't my followers health badge pulsing Green or Red?

A) Only if the mod is enabled when they follow with the badge definitely pulse.

Q) Will this effect my games performance?

A) This mod will make Glommers ping for a task every second they are about. (Full moon only or when following) The main mod pings for a task every half second to update the display. Also for the first 12 followers it will listen for their health change and run a function to update and pulse. I've not had a problem but if you have loads of other mods pinging as well then maybe. Let me know if you do.

Q) What do the Abigail's Flower and Tallbird Egg settings do.

A) Change it to get remove the wait time on getting the followers. I used these in testing so thought I'd leave it in as an option.

Q) Why do you always write so much in the mod description.

A) I have a long train commute to work.


• Option to stop Pigman followers becoming Werepigs.

• Option to stop Spiders attacking Chester.

• Option so Follower Distance can be adjusted.

• Option so Tallbird Followers don't attack Pigs.

• Glommer tweaks.

• Option to click on Badge to remove follower.

• Spider Warrior and Mandrake Graphic Update.

What's New in Version v1.01   See changelog


  • Bug Fix for when multiple followers leave at the same time.
  • Effected:
  • - Beefalo Horn
  • - Spider Hat
  • - Webber (Possibly)

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BTW, when Spider followers with Spider Hat die, the icons will remain.

Also, a suggestion:

* Option for a toggle-able order for followers to cease fire.

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Thank you all very much for the comments and trying it out.

@J192 - I had completely forgotten about the Spider Hat. I'll get that sorted for the next update. I'll add Chester into that one too. : ) Also liking that idea. I'll have a look into it.

@greenglacier - thanks again for the support. : ) We have another luminati mod! No views again!! : s

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Glommer's behaviour changes with the default settings. Once I've put the flower down, Glommer wanders off. Sometimes several screens away.


Standard behaviour is he should hang about near the flower.

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EDIT: So after further digging I discovered this is an incompatibility with RPG Hud Neat's 'badges'. Disabling badges in that mod corrected the problem.



I'm having an issue with how the mod renders (screenshot linked below). It doesn't look like the screenshots/ mod review videos I've seen. Is this something I can fix in the settings? I'm running the game stand-alone on a Mac. Any thought / advice is appreciated. Thanks!



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It gives me these error :/ i enabled ONLY this mod(alone)

.ve v1.90423/data/../mods/Follower Badges/modmain.lua:428: attempt to call global 'GetModConfigData' (a nil value)

LUA ERROR stack traceback:

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/../mods/Follower Badges/modmain.lua(428,1)

        =(tail call) ?

        =[C] in function 'xpcall'

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/scripts/mods.lua(15,1) in function 'fn'

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/scripts/entityscript.lua(293,1) in function 'AddComponent'

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/scripts/prefabs/beefalo.lua(170,1) in function 'fn'

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/scripts/mainfunctions.lua(123,1)

        =[C] in function 'SpawnPrefab'

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/scripts/mainfunctions.lua(153,1) in function 'SpawnPrefab'

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/scripts/mainfunctions.lua(160,1) in function 'SpawnSaveRecord'

        C:/Games/Don't Starve v1.90423/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua(562,1) in function 'PopulateWorld'

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