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Too Many Items v 1.1

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About This File

This mod is update of CJB's "Too Many Items". But my mod have thing from RoG. Example: Eyebrella, Wigfrid's spear and helmet etc.

Этот мод как бы является обновлением мода CJB - "Too Many Items". Однако, в моём моде есть вещи из RoG. К примеру: Глазонтик, шлем и копьё Вигфрид и т.д.

What's New in Version v 1.1   See changelog


  • Add turfs and watermelon seeds.
  • Добавлены все виды дёрна и семена арбуза.

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I don't know. At last, I haven't seen "mods" panel in DST menu. If mods were in DST, I would add Telltale Hearts, Moon Rocks and others to this mod.

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Здесь выкладывали уже что-то вроде, говорю как наблюдающий за модами с августа 2013. Обнову CjbTMI.

I've seen something like this right here. However, I have not tried both mods, so what\s difference?

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does it work with don't starve:together? how to open the tab?

To my knowledge I do not know.. but it opens with "T"

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On "Don't Starve Together" It Says The Mod Is Out Of Date And It Wouldn't Let Me Use It... Well It Lets Me Enable The Mod And Go Into A Game But As Soon As I Press 'T' It Kicks Me Out And Forces Me To Disable To Mod. Get Back To Me As Soon As Possible

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Хэй! Но ведь глазонтик был в обычном DS! Или я чего то не знаю?


Hey! But eyebrella was in standart DS! Or i dont know something?

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