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  1. @J192 - Thanks again for the spot on this. All fixed in the lastest version v1.01.
  2. Thank you all very much for the comments and trying it out. @J192 - I had completely forgotten about the Spider Hat. I'll get that sorted for the next update. I'll add Chester into that one too. : ) Also liking that idea. I'll have a look into it. @greenglacier - thanks again for the support. : ) We have another luminati mod! No views again!! : s
  3. Version v1.01


    FOLLOWER BADGES Adds a follower health badge and loyalty time to the top left of the screen by default. - Round bit displays health and the rectangle is loyalty percentage. - Max displayed badges of 12 by default. I have not done much testing on this mod so please let me know if you have any problems on the comments below. CUSTOM BADGES Abigail Cave Spider Nightmare Bishop Nightmare Knight Nightmare Rook Codex Umbra (Shadow Maxwell) Dangling Depth Dweller Mandrake Spitter Pigman Bunnyman Merm Spider Rocky Catcoon Glommer (Adjusted Prefab On) Beefalo Baby Tallbird Teen Tallbird Anything else if and actually follower will have a default health meter. If there is any I've missed or you would like adding please let me know. CHESTER Chester is not included. This was out of choice but if I am wrong and you think he should be included let me know. As he has regenerating HP, self resurrects and already has an indicator in the form of the eye bone I thought it was overkill to add him as a badge. If I am wrong on this let me know and I will add an option to add him. GLOMMER CHANGE Glommer's prefab has been adjusted as would not work by default. Hopefully this is quite similar to how it should function naturally but if not please let me know. I've added a function that pings every second he is alive and checks if the player has a Glommer flower in their inventory with the tag of Glommer flower. If so it adds the follower to the the player and stops Catcoons attacking. You can turn this off in the Mod Config but he will no longer be a follower as originally it follows the flower not player. CONFIGURE MOD To get to these goto Mods from the main menu. Then hover the mouse over Follower Badges. The picture should come up and an option Configure Mod. Without letting the mouse go on another mod click on this option. Options: • Adjustable to suit your screen setup. • Change the max displayed followers. • Glommer Settings. • Abigail's Flower Charging. • Tallbird Egg Hatching. QUESTIONS Q) Will this work with Wicked and the Merms? A) Glad you asked and yes it will! Should work with all mods but any conflicts please let me know. Q) Will this scale with my HUD size? A) Yes and you will probably need to use the Configure Mod options to make it look right. Q) If I have 13 or more followers and one of my displayed 12 stops following what happens? A) It will adjust and display 12. Q) Webber gets lots of spiders at once is this normal? A) Yes that's how Webber works. Q) This isn't a question but you've missed a follower! A) Let me know which one and I'll add it. Q) Why isn't my followers health badge pulsing Green or Red? A) Only if the mod is enabled when they follow with the badge definitely pulse. Q) Will this effect my games performance? A) This mod will make Glommers ping for a task every second they are about. (Full moon only or when following) The main mod pings for a task every half second to update the display. Also for the first 12 followers it will listen for their health change and run a function to update and pulse. I've not had a problem but if you have loads of other mods pinging as well then maybe. Let me know if you do. Q) What do the Abigail's Flower and Tallbird Egg settings do. A) Change it to get remove the wait time on getting the followers. I used these in testing so thought I'd leave it in as an option. Q) Why do you always write so much in the mod description. A) I have a long train commute to work. PLANNED FUTURE UPDATES • Option to stop Pigman followers becoming Werepigs. • Option to stop Spiders attacking Chester. • Option so Follower Distance can be adjusted. • Option so Tallbird Followers don't attack Pigs. • Glommer tweaks. • Option to click on Badge to remove follower. • Spider Warrior and Mandrake Graphic Update.
  4. All - New update adds a custom intro. Can be switched off in the Configure Mod options. Can't be skipped in game though.
  5. @oscarbaltasar - Does it work okay when you have all other mods off? Which mods do you have installed?
  6. @oscarbaltasar - Sorry to hear that. Have you got ROG? I'm afraid it's ROG only at the moment.
  7. If you're confused about the levels there is now a manual (image) in the Screenshots which explains it all much better than I could in words.
  8. There were a few bugs today but the latest version fixes all of those.
  9. Hi All, made a bit of a mistake today. Anyone starting a new game will start at level 48 which I was using for testing this morning. I'll reset it when I get back from work. Shouldn't effect existing saves though. Normal starting level is 6. My bad and sorry for the mistake.
  10. Done a new update. Merms no longer attack Catcoons and Tentacles on sight. Only when attacked.
  11. Added the stats sheet to the download for the levels and food effects.
  12. The main reason is if I'm gonna do it I like to do it all the way. All the vanilla other meats and dishes are weighted based on their effect and it would be nice to add all the mod dishes too at some point in the future in the same fashion. We do have a couple of things in line first though and need to and need to get ready for DST but will pick it up after that. Hope that's cool.
  13. Hi all thanks for the comments and downloads. There was a little problem with the chopping though!! I know very basic but it's fixed now. It was in the stategraphs where I'd replaced woodie's name for wicked. The file's updated but if you've already downloaded that version won't work. Very sorry. Hope that doesn't put you off and if you find anything please let me know. Wow that is impressive 10 downloads and 0 Views!! : ) He was originally released over a year ago and a very cool character so we've had a play around with code to hopefully make him even more lizardy.
  14. 4349 downloads

    FINAL UPDATE: Merms now wear hats. They can also chop and mine if following. Now compatible with the original Don't Starve and Reign of Giants! If you've had any issue previously this should hopefully fix them. Fingers crossed. !!! IMPORTANT !!! - Do not have the original Wicked mod active with Wicked and the Merms as will give you errors. I have really tested the basics on this one and rarely play the original oppose to ROG so please let me know if you have any issue. I will try my best to assist. Thank you for your patience. If you are interested in what was required to get it working: • Firstly remove the giver element for the ShouldAcceptItem on the Merm PostPrefab. In the original giver returns nil in ShouldAcceptItem but if you move all the logic into the OnGetItemFromPlayer that function will accept the giver. Might have been me being a bit naughty and I might of added it in there in the first place but worked with ROG so thought it was okay. I was wrong. • Then it's removing anything referencing a season which is on the Merm, Spider, Spider Warrior PostPrefab Targeting and also on the custom Merm Brain. • Lastly was the light. It needed to be initialised which in ROG it didn't need to be. UPDATE END... Ever think to yourself? "What's up with that guy following me?!!" Is he a funny pink colour? Making ridiculous noises? Living in a totally stupid looking house? If so then Wicked is the character for you. This loveable lizard was raised by Merms; until one day he was kidnapped by an associate of the pigmen! Thankfully like said pigmen, the associate was stupid. He left some raw meat in arms reach of Wicked's cage and in moments the cage and associate were no more... After his devastating rampage. Wicked vowed to take the fight to the pigmen with bunny and fish in hand!! Wicked's Main Features: • Obviously number one he is a lizard along with all the pro's and con's that en-tails. • Merms are not only friendly but can follow you. Give them pigskin to prove your cause is gonna be a fun one! • Why build a stupid straight looking house when you can build a bendy one!! It's 4 times the fun. : ) • Unlike Wicked's Merm cousins he likes meat. He REALLY likes meat!! In moderation meat likes him too. However too much meat and his ancestors ways will get the better of him... Compatibility: • will not work with Merm House by Graumaflux as already incorporated into the game. Yeah that sounds fun but what do you actually mean by... • Wicked has events based on hunger and temperature. It's harder for him to freeze but it also slows him down. He takes more damage from overheating but is also faster from high temperatures. • Wicked has a leveling system similar to WX-78. (but much slower) Rather than based on gears, it's meat and meat dishes. Only the standard game foods. Any extra's from mods you'll have to add yourself in the prefab lua. • As his level increases he can unlock a bigger stomach and health. With a bigger stomach he can unlock a mightier version of himself with stat bonuses. These stack with the temperature stat changes. • Wicked can't build pig houses or Rabbit Hutches. He can build a Merm house. (Rundown house) Merm houses have 4 merms rather than one pig by default. Merms spawn ever 4 days if killed. The houses are 4 times more resources to build and use boards, cut stone, fish and frogs legs. • Other minor changes have been made for Wicked siding with Merms but these are not gameplay related so will be a surprise. • When Wicked eats too much meat he will transform into Wickzilla!! He is twice as strong as the Werebeaver and needs meat to keep going. However when he changes back into Wicked he loses all levels and experience! The effects of eating meat do decrease over time and he will tell you when he's eating too much meat. • Merm's will not attack you but pigmen and bunny men will. If you give a Merm pigskin they will follow you forever. They will attack any enemy on sight when it gets in there range and will keep attacking until they kill it or are killed. In groups they will share targets if close enough. They have a new wander when they are followers so don't just wander home everytime in the same directions. It's designed for about 3 or 4 to run smoothly but you can have as many as you like following but this has not been tested. Recent Updates: • v1.05 Your Lizard Your Rules Wicked now has a custom mod menu in the main mods menu! • v1.06 Custom Intro A continuation of Usez awesome comic. Authors: The graphics in this mod are all the wonderful artwork of Usez who is a profession artist. I (Bones) have just done the coding part of the project. I am not a profession like Usez but try my best. The mod has been thoroughly tested. That's said if there are any problems please let me (Bones) know and I will try my best to fix them. Hope you enjoy the mode as much as we have putting it all together. : ) Thanks: Lastly massive thank you to all the Klei modding community as I have looked at many of the forums and other mods to work out how to do stuff. The merm house icon was created by Graumaflux, hope that is okay to use it but if not please contact me and I'll take out and we will create a new one. Have tried to contact you on Klei forum and will keep trying.