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This is the mod of Wunk, a custom character made by Vivalavie and Inward.

Compatible with or without the Reign of Giants DLC.

Wunk is a punk addicted to drugs.

- His movement speed and attack speed increase when his sanity decreases, but he's slowed when he has a good rate of sanity.

- He slowly loses health when his sanity is too low.

- He can craft a peace pipe and a hell pipe, to smoke and gain health points, but his hunger and sanity decrease.

- He has a new stat : his rate of drug. Wunk needs to smoke regularly, else he loses his speed powers. But a monster will spawn if his rate of drug is too high ! Eating raw mushrooms also increases this rate.

Wunk also has :

- Custom speech

- Custom sounds

- His look changes when he starts to be crazy

Stats :

Hunger : 150

Sanity : 125

Health : 150

What's New in Version 1.0.5   See changelog


  • Gameplay changes :
  • - Hell pipe gives less drug points than before
  • - Raw mushrooms now give drug points
  • Minor changes :
  • - The badge pulses in green when the amount increases.
  • Incoming in the next updates :
  • - Correction of bugs (if there's any)
  • - Custom shadow monsters
  • - Custom "boss"
  • - Custom animations when smoking

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