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  1. 60 Inventory slots

    are there any other mods like this please? :/
  2. Amy the pirates

    dont tell me that custom girl characters grown beard too!!!
  3. Black Rock Shooter [DST]

    question! these custom characters working only in together version or in the normal dont starve too?
  4. Wilson HD

    can you make HD also the stock lock characters too?
  5. Tweety_v1.2

    my favorite is the road runner can i have him pleaseee??
  6. Poop Flinging Fun

    so you hit the enemies with this?
  7. 60 Inventory slots

    for chrisst sakes ok ignore me but at least fix the crash it causes it ok? :/
  8. Don't Starve Comics

  9. 60 Inventory slots

    crashed last night guys:/
  10. Don't Starve Comics

    its the Dont Starve World.....every thing could happen.....
  11. Endothermic Lighter

    i think its very usefull in the winter map....all the time i freeze to death.....