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I made this for my own personal use but then I thought maybe other people might like it too so here it is. If you like then use it, if not don't.

If you're like me, and I know I am, then you usually hold the spacebar down while your character works through a patch of grass, twigs or even trees, picking chopping or what have you. And sometimes you'll find your character automatically picking flowers in the process, which may not be something you want them to do. Well, this mod allows you to disable flower picking with either the keyboard, mouse or even both! For example, you can disable flower picking with the keyboard and still pick them manually with your mouse! Or vice versa! Or neither! No longer do you have to watch flower petals slowly rot in your inventory or worry about your bees not making honey due to your ham-fisted, haphazardous flower picking.

Recent Changes:

-Updated to include the picking of evil flowers.

What's New in Version 08/12/14 01:36 PM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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worst thing i ever seen

Really? THAT's the worst thing you've ever seen? I envy your sheltered life.

Good script to avoid mistake  !




i have trouble (little conflict) with an other script:



the other script dont take care about flower

Sorry I never responded. I guess I never got the notification. Anyways, I would be surprised if the two got along at all. Maybe in the future I can take a look at the two of them and see what's gong on but I'm pretty bogged down right now.

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I have big farms so i just hold space and usually don't look at the screen. This is the worst when i don't have sound turned on

So sometimes i end up with loads of petals in my inventory.

Or i follow a small path of flowers all the way to my bee boxes, completely transforming a lovely field of flowers into a baron wasteland.

So this is a very useful addition for me! Thank you!

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