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This mod adds two hats: Bison's hat and a Pikachu hat. Both hats are functionally identical.

How they work:

Lightning will strike anything you attack AND lightning will strike anything that attacks you while you're wearing either hat.

-Manual mode:

I also added a manual lightning strike mechanism, where you can right click any spot on the ground(or right click the hat from your hat equip slot) and lightning will strike whatever you're pointing your mouse at.

(!!)Right now, it uses the spellcaster component, which means manual mode only works if you have something in your hands. I had to make it that way or else the game would crash when you tried to use it without something in your hands.(!!)

How to use:

Craft either hat from the clothing tab and equip it. It's just that easy! To craft the Pikachu hat, you need a miner's hat, 5 pieces of gold and a rabbit.(Yes, I know Pikachu is a mouse but eh, close enough.) To craft Bison's hat, you need a miner's hat, 5 pieces of gold and 5 spider glands.

Recent Changes:

-Fixed lightening striking anything that's attacked.(I can't believe it took me so long to notice this.)

Hilarious, OP, and more importantly, fun. Obviously I could spend a lot of time trying to take most of the fun out of it by balancing it out and all that, BUT instead I decided the only restriction would be a spoil time. You can use the hat as much as you want for 15 days. After 15 days, it turns back into a miner's hat.

Before anyone says it:

Yes, I know the hats look like crap, especially the Pikachu hat. If you want to make a better looking hat and contribute it, I'll use it, and of course give you credit for it, but for now, that's all I've got. In short, this is for people who like to have fun, not for people who only care about how games look.

If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them.

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