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Mod adds three new forms of Chester. You wanted to have a choice? Here he is.

New forms of Chester:

Vampire Chester: Chester through this form has vampiric aura that painfully experience anyone who dares to attack him - fill all the slots with batilisk wings.

Life Chester: Chester now gains an aura of regeneration which will certainly make your life in this wild world easier (you must stand very close)... just a pity that space for items is a little less - fill all the slots with red gems.

Light Chester: glow in the dark ... nothin more nothing less! - fill all the slots with fireflies.

Works with RoG and "vanilla" version.

What's New in Version 1.4   See changelog


  • ver 1.4

    Chester Choice code rewrite: from now on chester change it's form just like Packim Baggins (you don't have to wait for the full moon)
    Fix propagator "Obsidian" crash
    Remove additional Chester Eyebone graphics
    From now on Chester Choice mod don't change original "inventoryimages" file

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Do you hae to keep the stingers, gems, or fireflies in him? 

You have to fill all the chester slots with those items when it is full moon and he will transform

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I think spiked Chester should have a colour swap, but other then that, neato. XD It seems reasonably balanced, but as for life Chester, what is his regeneration ratio?

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