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  1. @GhostWarRo, I could probably help, if you can upload you folder I could try to find the problem.
  2. @FatBoy26, What do you mean by myitem folder? Are you referring to the myitem ground folder or the swap myitem folder, or something else? Please be more specific.
  3. You can create the anim.bin file by putting your mod in the mods folder under the game system files. When you run the game, it should automatically compile your exported folder and create an anim folder (but only if you have the don't starve mod tools installed). The anim folder will contain your ground_myitem and swap_myitem zipped folders which have all the anim.bin files and what not.
  4. @yildirim, From the folder you uploaded, it looks as though your missing a few files and your folder structure is messed up a bit. First off, your folder doesn't seem to have a main.lua or a modinfo.lua (maybe you just didn't upload it in the folder?). Secondly, in your swap_cutehat folder you should have another folder with the same name in which you put your .png but the .scml should stay where it is. So your folder structure should look like this: mymod exported |-> myitem |-> ground_myitem |-> ground_myitem.png ground_myitem.scml swap_myitem |-> swap_myitem |-> swap_myitem.png swap_myitem.scml images |-> inventoryimages |-> myitem.png scripts |-> prefabs |-> myitem.lua modmain.lua modinfo.lua You also forgot to put your prefab file in the proper folder structure as well. In addition to all that, in your swap_myitem.scml file you MUST name your animation as "BUILD" or it will not be recognized. You put "idle" but that should only be for the ground .scml file. EDIT: I was also just looking through your prefab file and I am pretty sure in the onequip() function, where you override the symbol, you should have: owner.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_object", "swap_cutehat", "swap_cutehat")instead of owner.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_object", "swap_cutehat", "cutehat")
  5. @yildirim, Could you upload your folder so I could see what might be the problem?
  6. @BlueSideWind Create a new folder in the mod directory: Local C\Steam\Steamapps\Don't Starve\mods\mymod (your new folder) Then in that new folder you created, make two new lua files called modmain.lua and modinfo.lua. The next step is where you will be following this folder structure: mymod exported |-> myitem |-> ground_myitem |-> ground_myitem.png - (The ground image) swap_myitem |-> swap_myitem |-> swap_myitem.png - (The swap image) images |-> inventoryimages |-> myitem.png - (The inventory image) scripts |-> prefabs |-> myitem.lua modinfo.lua modmain.lua The 'myitem.lua' is not part of the modmain.lua, it is actually the file used to put the code for your prefab, so they are completely separate files.
  7. @BlueSideWind, The stuff that is "definitely not english lol" is lua code (I'm assuming that's what's in the file). If you are unfamiliar with lua then I suggest learning it before starting to create a mod. I suggest going here to help you out or here. Also, you are not converting the .png into a text file but a .tex file. You can use this tool to convert the .png to a .tex file.
  8. Is it in a zip file or maybe upload two folders? If you are unable to upload it then I can't do much to help but the only thing I can think of is replacing the images and scml files in the example mod and change the code. You just change the names around and see if it works out. That's what modding involves, making mistakes and trying to find where you made the mistake.
  9. If you upload your folder I can take a look at it. See if I can find what's wrong with it.
  10. Couple of things you should really change: Your modmain.lua file goes into you main folder and not your prefab folder. (Expands on the first point) Your file structure should be similar to the games file structure. Look at other mods for an example. Some of your code that you put in your modmain should be in your prefab file so I guess your prefab file would be called "violin" and most of the code you have should be in there.Use this for an example mod and just change the code and images around.
  11. Can you upload your mod or maybe just your prefab script so I can take a look. It might be something in the code or your prefab is spawning but just isn't showing because the animation wasn't created proper.