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Sort Inventory 1.2

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About This File

-Uploaded to Klei for standalone off the steam workshop upon request.

Sorts inventory by weapons, equipment, food, etc when you press z.

Ctrl+z changes the sorting method.

Shift+z toggles whether the first 1-2 slots are sorted.

Combines adjacents stacks if not full.

Fills up stacks in chests that aren't full if you have a stack of the same item in your inventory/backback.

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Great MOD! Thanks for bringing it to the forums!


Can I make a couple of requests?


Can you bring the Jason Vorhees MOD over too?

I tried to post a link but couldn't...

Also, the BetterWalls MOD?

It used to be here on the forums but has since been deleted, but it's still on Steam!



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@Spencer320 Sorry I only brought this mod over because it's my mod. I'd try asking the developers of the mods themselves if you haven't already.

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Ok thanks Brodysi!!


Here's my problem, maybe you can help me out???

I can't add a comment or leave a pm for the mod authors on Steam. I have a Steam account but never bought any games from them or anything. Just have in case I decide to at some point. Is there a way that I can't find to get in touch with these ppl? I really want the BETTER WALLS mod. It used to be on these forums but since deleted.


Sorry to clog up this Mod page. 

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I am not sure if I have to restart game but this is doing exatly nothing when I press Z in my previous games.

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Can i change keybindings?

in the modmain.lua search for "GLOBAL.KEY_Z" and change it to whatever you like for example i used GLOBAL.KEY_X for sorting.

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Sometimes it stops working while in game. You can do it once, generally more times, and then, well, it stops.


Great mod, btw. Gratz!

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Hi Brodysi,

thanks for creating this great mod. its a real life saver.

But the sorting is still a bit random so i decided to improve the mod a bit.

Are you interested in what I have done?

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Very good idea, but just as theosdebrito mentioned above, during the gameplay the mod ceases to work. I don't know why, when I load my last save it works, couple minutes later in the same game the mod stops working. 

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I really love this mod, I just wish the part where it stops working could be fixed, so I wouldn't have to repeatedly save reload.

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