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The Power Of Nature!

-Farm the Cave Flowers with 1,2,3 bulbs or all

-Eat the Cave Flower's bulb and take on the power of light

-Fuel your lantern or Monkey Skull Lantern with the Cave Flower's bulb

-Cave Flowers are craftable under the FOOD TAB

Recipe =

-Single bulb flower = 1 light bulb,3 poop and 1 fungal turf

-Double bulb flower = 2 light bulb,5 poop and 2 fungal turf

-Triple bulb flower = 3 light bulb,10 poop and 3 fungal turf


-Fungal Turf is found in caves

-Cave Flowers are now digable, loot = 1 bulb

-Remember they give light when in bloom state

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instead of fungal truf you can make it so it has to be on fungal truf. also you can make it so you can simply dig light flowers up. i think you should make it so you can also simple just plant loght bulbs and create them.

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it says crash for me why??

Same here, im running RoG and it tells me it's crashed on last startup

but this is the first time i have played it with the mod installed.

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